Garcia’s Pure Coffee is a family run enterprise that has grown and has been in business for over 60 years and handled by two generations of the Garcia family. It was in the 1950’s that Domingo Garcia, of Lipa, Batangas, started to do business by buying and selling coffee. He would travel from Batangas to Baguio to sell coffee and then buy vegetables as his back load for his return to Batangas. Eventually, in 1961, he finally bought a store at the Hangar Market and concentrated on selling coffee. Consequently, his wife and children migrated to Baguio to help in the business. By 1970, he started to buy raw coffee coming from the neighboring provinces of Baguio, particularly from the Mountain Provinces. He would, eventually, have the raw coffee transported to Batangas for roasting, and have it shipped back to Baguio ready for market consumption. Initially, Barako beans were displayed for selling. Then he came up with the Benguet coffee, which is his own original blend of coffee.

With a growing business, he had to expand by obtaining the adjoining space of the store. By 1975, he built a three story building on the spaces obtained. The basement and second floor served as a storeroom for raw and roasted coffee beans.

In 1996, Mr. Domingo Garcia passed away, and left the business to his wife, Marcela Garcia and one of his sons, Danny Garcia (now deceased).

However, in 2001, due to old age and a lingering illness, Mrs. Garcia had to relinquish the total management and ownership of the business to her son, Antonino “Tony” Garcia. With the help of Mr. Tony Garcia’s wife, Eli Angel-Garcia who took charge of the marketing and advertising aspect, the business grew further, in terms of sales and products. Several blends of coffee were introduced. Flavored coffee was launched. An anchor product, like Mascovado, a botanical and/or natural sugar was introduced to enhance and complement the roasted coffee beans. Cacao or cocoa chocolate was also introduced. Clientele now includes almost all coffee shops and restaurants in Baguio, even extending to and reaching numerous provinces all over the Philippines. Bulk orders are regularly shipped through Victory Liner and other bus lines for Luzon clients and couriers, LBC and 2GO , for clients from Luzon and Mindanao.

By the end of 2006, the business expanded further by being a concessioner at SM Supermarket, Baguio. A year after that, Eli ventured into the food and beverage business by showcasing the coffee and eventually lead to the establishment of Garcia’s Kape, Tinapay, Atbp at the Porta Vaga Mall. After years of steady growth, the consistent support of Eli, and the eventual involvement of their children, Tony eventually improved the roasting, production, preparation, and presentation of the business. What started as a family business of buy and sell, has now grown into a business that grows, roasts, and packages their own coffee ready to compete in the current market trend.

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