ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado Reviews And Opinions

ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado is a charming coffee shop located at 21084 W Main St Ste 101, Buckeye, AZ 85396, United States. The cozy and inviting atmosphere combined with its convenient location makes it a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.

The business operates from 6 AM to 4 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, from 6 AM to 5 PM on Thursdays and Fridays, and from 6 AM to 4 PM on Sundays. This flexible schedule allows patrons to enjoy their favorite brews and treats at various times throughout the week.

The contact number +1 623-248-4412 serves as an easy point of access for customers seeking information or making inquiries.

Renowned for its top-quality coffee and tea selections, ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5. This speaks volumes about the satisfaction of its clientele with the products and services offered.

The menu boasts an extensive array of beverages, including expertly crafted lattes, cappuccinos, and classic drip coffees. Tea lovers are also well catered to with a diverse selection of aromatic and flavorful options.

In addition to its stellar drinks, the coffee shop also offers a delectable assortment of pastries and light bites, perfect for pairing with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Located in the heart of Buckeye, the ambiance at ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado is warm and inviting, making it an ideal place to relax, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy some downtime.

With its outstanding ratings and excellent offerings, ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado has established itself as a go-to destination for those seeking a delightful coffee shop experience in the Buckeye area.

Anthem Coffee &Amp; Tea | Verrado
CALL: +1 623-248-4412

Address: 21084 W Main St Ste 101, Buckeye, AZ 85396, United States

Opening Hours of ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado



ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado Reviews and Opinions

I visited ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado and was immediately impressed with the new look and feel. The local spot has an inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying craft coffee and good food. I’m looking forward to returning.

ANTHEM Coffee | Verrado has been one of my favorite coffee shops since it arrived in the area. The delicious drinks and amazing food are complemented by a great atmosphere and excellent customer service. I can’t wait to visit more often!

This coffee shop is my happy place. The relaxed, feel-good vibes, along with exceptional coffee and professional customer service, make it a top choice for me. The delicious food adds to the appeal, making it a great spot for brunch dates or study sessions. I highly recommend trying the creme brûlée latte.

I was particularly impressed by the customer service provided by Heather. As a person of color (P.O.C), visiting establishments in Verrado can be challenging, but Heather’s kindness and cheerful demeanor made our visit to ANTHEM Coffee & Tea truly exceptional. She made us feel seen and normal, making our day trip worth it.

I recently gathered with a group of friends at this adorable coffee shop off Main St. in Verrado. The trendy yet quaint ambiance, along with the unreal quality of the offerings, left a lasting impression on all of us. Homemade cream cheese was a big hit with our group of about 10 girls.

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The sentiment analysis of visitor reviews for ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado reveals overwhelmingly positive experiences. Visitors enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, excellent customer service, and high-quality food and beverages offered at this coffee shop. Whether as a regular visitor or for group gatherings, the positive sentiment is evident across the board.

Discover the ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado Buckeye Menu

For those curious about what they can expect from the ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado Buckeye menu, they’ll be delighted to find a comprehensive selection that caters to all tastes. From the classic espresso to innovative specialty drinks, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into what you can savor:

  • Signature Espresso Blends
  • Seasonal Specialty Drinks
  • Assorted Loose-Leaf Teas
  • Fresh-Baked Pastries
  • Healthy Light Bites

Each item on the menu is prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that every visit to ANTHEM Coffee & Tea | Verrado is a memorable one.

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