Arvo Cafe Reviews And Opinions

Arvo Cafe is a charming coffee shop located at 324 Coral St Suite 1A-104b, Honolulu, HI 96813. The cafe is known for its inviting atmosphere and exceptional coffee offerings. Customers can reach the cafe by calling +1 808-312-3979. Arvo Cafe’s operating hours are Monday through Sunday, from 8AM to 2PM.

The cafe has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5, a testament to its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The cozy ambiance and friendly service have contributed to its positive reputation among patrons.

Upon entering Arvo Cafe, visitors are greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of steaming milk. The cafe’s interior is tastefully decorated, creating a welcoming space for guests to relax and enjoy their beverages. Whether patrons are seeking a quiet place to work or a casual spot to catch up with friends, Arvo Cafe accommodates all needs.

The menu features a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, carefully crafted by skilled baristas. Additionally, customers can indulge in a selection of pastries and light snacks that complement the cafe’s beverage offerings. The attention to detail in both the drinks and food underscores the cafe’s dedication to providing a memorable experience for every guest.

Located in the heart of Honolulu, Arvo Cafe has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists alike. Its convenient location and consistent quality make it an ideal stop for those in need of a caffeine boost or a relaxing break from the day’s activities.

Overall, Arvo Cafe stands out as a top-notch establishment in the coffee scene, earning praise for its delightful ambiance, top-quality brews, and friendly service. Whether individuals are craving a perfectly executed cappuccino or a peaceful retreat, this beloved cafe delivers on all fronts.

Arvo Cafe Reviews and Opinions

Arvo Cafe is a charming little place with a unique vibe that shines on a beautiful sunny morning. However, with limited seating, the experience might be less favorable if the weather isn’t on your side. The walk-up counter and the cozy interior suggest a more intimate setting, perfect for a brunch or a cup of coffee with friends.

The charcoal latte comes highly recommended, and it seems to have quite a following. Despite being a fan of strong, black coffee, I found the latte a little too sweet for my taste, but still pleasant. The cuisine offered at the cafe was good, although I hope to see better quality products in the future.

Stumbling upon Arvo Cafe while exploring Honolulu was a delightful surprise. The tranquil ambiance and the option for both indoor and outdoor seating made for a pleasant experience. The menu offers a variety of fun and great-looking drinks and food options, with a special menu adding to the appeal.

I was intrigued by the charcoal latte, something I had never tried before, and I’m glad I decided to give it a go. The drink’s unique color and delightful flavor made it a worthwhile choice during my visit to Hawaii. The trendiness of the setting with only outdoor seating adds to the cafe’s allure.

The sunrise shooter, a concoction of orange juice, club soda, simple syrup, and two shots of espresso on ice, surprisingly turned out to be delicious. The americano offered a straight, clean taste with a rich aroma, and the open-faced toasts were visually appealing. However, the excessive use of disposable cups and serving ware created a significant amount of waste, which is a major downside.

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The music at the cafe could sometimes be a bit loud, but it didn’t overpower the overall experience. I indulged in the egg sandwich, ricotta sandwich, and the charcoal coffee, all of which were delicious. The recommendation extends to trying the lavender-flavored option.

Overall, Arvo Cafe provides a charming and enjoyable coffee experience, especially when the weather is favorable. The unique drinks and food options add to its appeal, making it a worthwhile stop. The charcoal latte and the sunrise shooter stood out as particularly delightful highlights of the visit. While there are areas for improvement, such as the use of disposable serving ware and the occasional loud music, the overall experience is positive, reflected in the cafe’s impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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