Atlanta Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

Finding the best coffee roaster in Atlanta GA can be a delightful journey, and Atlanta Coffee Roasters is a gem within this vibrant city. Located at 2205 Lavista Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States, it offers a cozy ambiance and the irresistible aroma of freshly roasted coffee, drawing in both locals and visitors. The shop’s contact number is +1 404-636-1038 and they welcome patrons from Monday to Saturday, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

As you enter Atlanta Coffee Roasters, you are enveloped by the rich scent of freshly ground coffee beans and the soothing sounds of baristas perfecting their craft. This establishment’s commitment to serving quality coffee is evident in every cup they serve, ensuring a delightful experience for all customers.

Customers’ experiences at Atlanta Coffee Roasters have garnered an impressive average rating of 4.3 out of 5. This outstanding score is a testament to the consistent satisfaction and enjoyment that patrons feel upon visiting. The blend of amiable service, delicious offerings, and a relaxed atmosphere has contributed to the positive reviews and the loyal customer base that the coffee shop has established.

In addition to their meticulously prepared coffee, Atlanta Coffee Roasters also offers a variety of pastries and light snacks, which are perfect complements to their exceptional beverages. Whether you are looking for a peaceful moment alone or a place to catch up with friends, the shop’s inviting setting is suited for a range of occasions.

With convenient operating hours, Atlanta Coffee Roasters is a dependable spot for those in search of the best coffee roaster Atlanta GA has to offer. The shop is closed on Sundays, providing the staff with a day to refresh and gear up for another week of delivering stellar service.

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In summary, Atlanta Coffee Roasters is a beacon for coffee aficionados, providing a welcoming space to enjoy expertly crafted coffee and delightful snacks. Its consistently high ratings and prime location solidify it as a top destination for anyone looking for a memorable coffee experience in Atlanta.

Best Coffee Roaster Atlanta Ga
CALL: +1 404-636-1038

Address: 2205 Lavista Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329, United States

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Atlanta Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

After analyzing the visitor reviews for Atlanta Coffee Roasters, it’s clear that there is a mix of positive and negative sentiments associated with the experience.

Negative Sentiments:
Some visitors have experienced disappointment when finding the store unexpectedly closed during their listed operating hours, causing frustration and confusion. Issues such as a disconnected phone number and a lack of response to knocking or doorbell ringing have added to these negative experiences.

The limitation of only being able to purchase coffee beans, without the option to enjoy drinks in-store, has been noted as a downside by some visitors. This has led to a feeling of missing out on the full experience of enjoying a freshly prepared beverage on-site.

Positive Sentiments:
Many visitors have expressed their appreciation for the quality and variety of coffee beans available at Atlanta Coffee Roasters. The freshness and high quality of the coffee beans, offered at reasonable prices, with an average of 14-16 dollars per pound, have impressed customers.

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The welcoming and knowledgeable staff have been a highlight for many, with visitors acknowledging the good service and the staff’s passion for the coffee roasting process.

The atmosphere of the coffee shop has garnered positive feedback, with visitors enjoying the opportunity to unwind, read, and savor their coffee in a comfortable setting.

The owner’s dedication to fulfilling online orders and offering insights about the coffee beans, even when the shop is closed for regular service, has been appreciated by customers. The personalized attention and guidance in selecting the right coffee beans for home brewing have fostered feelings of gratitude and contentment among visitors.

Despite some limitations and disappointments, Atlanta Coffee Roasters has managed to leave a favorable impression on many visitors, earning an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Discovering the Best Coffee Roaster in Atlanta GA

For those on a quest to experience the pinnacle of coffee roasting in Atlanta, exploring other establishments near Atlanta Coffee Roasters can be an enriching adventure. Here are some steps to consider in your search for the best coffee roaster Atlanta GA has to offer:

  1. Research online reviews and ratings to create a shortlist of highly-regarded coffee roasters.
  2. Visit each coffee shop to taste their signature brews and assess the quality of their beans.
  3. Engage with baristas and staff to learn about their roasting process and coffee sourcing practices.
  4. Consider the ambiance and customer service, as these elements contribute to the overall coffee experience.


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