Barista Parlor – East Nashville Reviews And Opinions

Barista Parlor – East Nashville is a well-established coffee shop located at 519 Gallatin Ave B, Nashville, TN 37206. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, this coffee shop has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. The shop’s contact number is +1 615-712-9766, and it operates from 7 AM to 4 PM, seven days a week.

This coffee shop has garnered an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, reflecting the high level of satisfaction among its customers. Known for its exceptional coffee and friendly service, Barista Parlor – East Nashville offers a wide variety of coffee beverages, from classic espressos to unique signature drinks. The skilled baristas take pride in their craft and consistently deliver top-notch coffee experiences to patrons.

The location of Barista Parlor – East Nashville on Gallatin Ave B in the heart of Nashville provides easy access for customers. Whether looking for a quick morning pick-me-up or a cozy spot to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, this shop caters to diverse preferences. The operating hours, from 7 AM to 4 PM daily, are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of the local community.

In addition to its exceptional coffee offerings, Barista Parlor – East Nashville also provides a selection of delectable pastries and light bites. These complement the coffee experience, providing customers with options for a quick snack or a satisfying accompaniment to their chosen beverage.

The ambiance of the coffee shop is inviting, with comfortable seating and a laid-back atmosphere that promotes relaxation and socializing. The friendly staff adds to the overall welcoming environment, ensuring that customers feel valued and cared for during their visit.

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Overall, Barista Parlor – East Nashville stands out as a premier coffee destination in Nashville, drawing patrons with its exceptional beverages, inviting ambiance, and commitment to customer satisfaction. For anyone seeking a memorable coffee experience in the area, this coffee shop is a must-visit.

Barista Parlor - East Nashville
CALL: +1 615-712-9766

Address: 519 Gallatin Ave B, Nashville, TN 37206

Opening Hours of Barista Parlor – East Nashville



Barista Parlor – East Nashville Reviews and Opinions

Based on the visitor reviews, Barista Parlor – East Nashville seems to have an overall positive sentiment. The coffee shop combines two passions for one reviewer: motorcycles and coffee, which created a unique and enjoyable experience. Despite the confusion about the opening times, the experience was worth the effort on three separate occasions. The fusion of motorcycles and coffee seemed to resonate well with this customer.

Another customer appreciated the open and spacious atmosphere of the shop, suggesting that the ambiance is pleasing and inviting. The variety of experiences with the coffee itself was noteworthy, as one brew was described as “fantastic” while the other was rated as “good.” This shows a degree of inconsistency but overall, the quality of the coffee seems to be appreciated.

There are also mentions of the shop’s unique location, converted from a car repair garage, and its quiet, relaxed atmosphere, making it a great spot for enjoying a cup of coffee and breakfast. However, there were challenges in finding the place due to inadequate signage, as pointed out by a satisfied customer.

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These reviews generally reflect a favorable sentiment towards Barista Parlor – East Nashville. The aspect of the open concept and the unique setting of the shop seems to leave a positive impression on the visitors. The only notable area of improvement mentioned is the need for better signage to improve the visibility of the location. Overall, the sentiment appears to be positive, and most visitors seemed satisfied with their experience at the coffee shop.

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