Biggby Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Biggby Coffee is a popular coffee shop located at 4230 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Lansing, MI 48910. With a convenient location and inviting atmosphere, it has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The shop can be contacted at +1 517-708-0210 and is open from Sunday to Saturday, offering ample opportunities for patrons to enjoy their offerings.

The operating hours are as follows: Sunday: 7AM-9PM, Monday to Friday: 6AM-9PM, and Saturday: 6AM-9PM. These hours provide flexibility for customers to drop in and savor their delicious coffee beverages and treats throughout the week.

The coffee shop prides itself on creating a welcoming environment, where individuals can relax, socialize, or work while sipping on their favorite drinks. The shop’s friendly staff is known for their excellent customer service, adding to the overall positive experience.

Biggby Coffee offers an extensive menu, featuring a variety of coffee options, including lattes, cappuccinos, and flavored brews. Additionally, they serve an array of teas and other refreshing beverages to cater to diverse preferences. Their selection of pastries and light snacks provides the perfect accompaniment to their drinks, ensuring satisfaction for every customer.

The average rating of 3.9 out of 5 reflects the general satisfaction of patrons with the coffee shop. This rating indicates that the majority of customers have had positive experiences and found the quality of products and service to be commendable.

Overall, Biggby Coffee is a well-regarded establishment, known for its inviting ambiance, diverse menu, and attentive staff. Whether individuals are seeking a caffeine fix, a place to meet with friends, or a cozy spot to work, this coffee shop aims to deliver an enjoyable experience to all who walk through its doors.

Biggby Coffee Reviews and Opinions

I visited Biggby Coffee and noted a mix of positive and negative reviews. Overall, the average rating of 3.9 out of 5 indicates a generally satisfactory experience for visitors.

The positive comments highlight the cleanliness of the place and the friendliness of the staff. The service was praised for being great, and the property was well-maintained, earning a 5-star rating from satisfied customers.

However, there were also concerns raised. One visitor mentioned a pet odor in the building, likening it to a veterinarian’s office rather than a coffee shop. This could have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere and customer experience.

Additionally, there were complaints about specific staff members. A customer had an unpleasant encounter with an employee named Brandy who was described as rude and unhelpful. This sort of negative interaction can greatly influence a customer’s perception of the entire establishment.

Some visitors expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their orders. One individual received lukewarm coffee, poorly prepared food, and even encountered plastic-wrapped items. Such experiences can be disappointing, especially when compared to other coffee shops like Tim Hortons.

On a more positive note, some customers mentioned that while the drive-thru service might be slow, the staff’s friendliness made the wait worthwhile. The availability of BOGO coupons and the option to use them also contributed to a positive experience for some patrons.

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While there are certainly positive aspects to Biggby Coffee such as cleanliness and friendly staff, the presence of a pet odor, negative interactions with certain staff members, and concerns about order quality are areas where improvements are needed. These issues can significantly impact the overall customer satisfaction and the reputation of the coffee shop.

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