Caffe Umbria Reviews And Opinions

Caffe Umbria, located at 346 N Clark St UNIT 4709, Chicago, IL 60654, is a vibrant and inviting coffee shop that has become a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. With its warm and cozy ambiance, this establishment provides the perfect setting for enjoying a wide array of high-quality coffee beverages and delectable treats.

Operating Hours:
The cafe opens its doors early to cater to the early birds, with operating hours from 6:30 AM to 5 PM on Mondays to Fridays. On weekends, the shop opens a bit later, from 8 AM to 4 PM, allowing customers to savor their favorite brew at a more leisurely pace.

Upon stepping inside Caffe Umbria, patrons are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee, which immediately sets the tone for an exceptional coffee experience. The shop’s skilled baristas take pride in crafting each cup with precision and care, using only the finest, meticulously sourced beans.

The menu features an extensive selection of espresso-based beverages, including cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos, as well as carefully curated drip coffee options. Additionally, customers can indulge in a variety of mouthwatering pastries and light bites that perfectly complement the coffee offerings.

The cafe’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its consistent high ratings, averaging an impressive 4.7 out of 5. Customers frequently praise not only the quality of the coffee and food but also the attentive and friendly service provided by the staff.

Whether patrons are seeking a quick caffeine fix on their way to work or a relaxing spot to unwind over the weekend, Caffe Umbria caters to all needs. Its convenient location in the heart of Chicago makes it an accessible and sought-after destination for coffee enthusiasts.

Caffe Umbria Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 312-877-5166

Address: 346 N Clark St UNIT 4709, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

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Caffe Umbria Reviews and Opinions

I recently visited Caffe Umbria, a coffee shop with an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5. From the moment I stepped in, it was evident that this place takes pride in delivering an exceptional coffee experience that transcends expectations. The rich aroma and nuanced flavors of their meticulously roasted beans created a delightful symphony for my senses – an unforgettable coffee journey indeed.

I ordered the iced lavender latte on my visit, and it was absolutely fantastic. The coffee was strong, smooth, and devoid of any bitterness, while the lavender added a delightful and noticeable flavor. The staff was friendly, and the service was quick, enhancing my overall experience at Caffe Umbria.

The cozy ambiance of the shop, combined with the extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, made it a perfect spot for enjoying coffee and treats. The small indoor seating area and the outdoor patio were clean and inviting, adding to the appeal of the place. Additionally, the wide variety of options for non-coffee drinkers was a pleasant surprise, catering to diverse preferences.

Despite a short wait due to a line, the service remained efficient, and the baristas worked with smiles. The ‘Cafe Al pepe’ with its strong aroma quickly warmed me up, and I found the doppio con panna to be particularly enjoyable, especially with the little chocolate that accompanied it. Furthermore, the pastry I tried was simply divine, emphasizing the quality of the offerings at Caffe Umbria.

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While the ‘Cappuccino cacao’ wasn’t to my liking due to the lack of cacao flavor, the overall menu impressed me. The decorative coffee cups and the water station added to the charming vibe of the coffee shop, creating a welcoming environment for customers.

Caffe Umbria stands out as a top choice for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate the artistry of a superbly roasted brew. The commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellent service makes it a must-visit for anyone looking for an outstanding coffee experience. I highly recommend Caffe Umbria for its consistently bold and smooth cups, delightful flavors, and overall dedication to the craft of coffee.

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