Caribou Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Caribou Coffee, located at 9 3rd Ave NW Suite 135, Rochester, MN 55901, United States, is a popular coffee shop known for its inviting atmosphere and high-quality beverages. With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, it has garnered a loyal customer base who appreciates its offerings.

The coffee shop’s contact number is +1 507-280-4375, and it operates with convenient hours to cater to early risers and those seeking a midday pick-me-up. Its operating hours are as follows: Monday to Friday, from 5AM to 7PM, Saturday from 6AM to 7PM, and Sunday from 6AM to 6PM. This provides customers with ample opportunities to indulge in their favorite coffee or tea throughout the week.

Caribou Coffee’s menu boasts a wide selection of beverages, including various coffee blends, teas, and specialty drinks. Customers rave about the rich flavors and aromatic essence of their drinks. In addition to beverages, the coffee shop offers a range of pastries and light snacks, making it an ideal spot for a quick breakfast or afternoon treat.

The ambiance at Caribou Coffee is warm and welcoming, with comfortable seating options and a cozy decor that promotes relaxation and socialization. The establishment’s friendly staff members are known for their attentiveness and dedication to providing exceptional service to every customer.

Conveniently situated in a bustling area, Caribou Coffee attracts a diverse clientele, from local residents to visitors exploring the area. Its central location adds to the appeal of this beloved coffee shop, making it a go-to destination for many individuals seeking a delightful coffeehouse experience.

Caribou Coffee Reviews and Opinions

After analyzing visitor reviews of Caribou Coffee, it’s clear that the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. Many customers express their preference for Caribou Coffee over other popular coffee chains, most notably Starbucks. One enthusiastic customer states, “I’m a Caribou Coffee fan favorite OVER the Starbucks brand Coffee shops!!!!” This passionate endorsement reflects a high level of satisfaction and loyalty to the Caribou brand.

The location of the coffee shop within the Kahler Inn and Suites is highlighted as a positive attribute. Despite its small size and limited seating, customers appreciate the reasonable pricing, efficient service, and good taste of the drinks. A patron mentions that they will frequent the establishment again, indicating a strong likelihood of returning based on their positive experience.

Visitors also praise the ambiance of the coffee shop, describing it as a “great place in the lobby,” offering comfort and a quiet atmosphere. Although the shop is often busy due to its proximity to a Mayo building, customers appreciate the relatively short lines and the availability of seating in the afternoon. The presence of comfortable furniture and a calm setting contribute positively to the overall experience.

The staff at Caribou Coffee receive widespread praise for their professional and courteous attitude. The efficient service and helpful recommendations enhance the overall enjoyment of the coffee-drinking experience. One customer appreciates the “professional attitude from start to finish,” highlighting the consistent high-quality service provided by the staff.

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In addition to the physical experience in the coffee shop, customers also express satisfaction with the online ordering system. This feature allows them to enjoy excellent coffee without a wait, and they can also receive recommendations while enjoying the comfort of the waiting area. The ability to order online and the option to sit and savor the drink in a comfortable environment further elevate the customer experience.

Overall, the sentiment analysis of Caribou Coffee based on visitor reviews is overwhelmingly positive. Customers express loyalty to the brand, satisfaction with the location, appreciation for the ambiance, and praise for the professional and helpful staff. These sentiments contribute to a highly favorable impression of the Caribou Coffee experience.

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