Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is a well-established coffee shop located at 4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819, United States. Renowned for its top-quality coffee and cozy atmosphere, it has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Operating from 6 AM to 7 PM every day of the week, it offers a perfect setting for both early risers and evening coffee enthusiasts. The contact number for inquiries and orders is +1 916-451-5181.

The cafe’s welcoming ambiance and friendly staff create an inviting environment for patrons to savor their coffee experience. Whether customers are seeking a tranquil place to relax or a convenient spot to catch up with friends, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters caters to diverse needs. The establishment’s central location makes it easily accessible, drawing in a steady stream of regulars and newcomers.

Coffee aficionados are delighted by the array of premium coffee blends and roasts available. The skilled baristas ensure that each cup is expertly prepared, maintaining the cafe’s reputation for excellence in every sip. Alongside its exceptional coffee selection, the shop also offers a variety of delectable pastries and light bites to complement the beverages, adding to the overall appeal of the experience.

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, many patrons have expressed their satisfaction with the high standard of service and products offered at Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters. Positive reviews often highlight the rich flavors of the coffee, the welcoming ambiance, and the attentive service provided by the staff.

The cafe’s consistent dedication to quality has earned it a strong and loyal following. Patrons appreciate the attention to detail in every aspect, from the meticulously crafted beverages to the warm, attentive customer service. Whether for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely coffee break, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters provides a memorable and satisfying experience for all coffee enthusiasts.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters
CALL: +1 916-451-5181

Address: 4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819, United States

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Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

I visited Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, which has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The atmosphere was not my favorite, with limited seating and industrial vibes, making it uncomfortable. However, the modern decor and vista-like decorations on the walls added a nice touch. The huge coffee roasting machine gave a sense of the shop’s identity.

The standard drinks were quite good, with attention to detail, including nice latte art and a rich coffee flavor. There were various pastries on display, including chocolate fish as a nod to the shop’s name, making it a good place to enjoy a coffee and some tasty bites.

The outside patio had character and was comfortable, providing a great setting to enjoy a drink with friends. The service was excellent, with friendly and accommodating baristas who had no issue with special requests. The beans by the bag for home use were delicious and roasted in Sacramento.

Despite the positive aspects, the limited and uncomfortable seating inside affected my overall experience. Additionally, the staff’s handling of customers with dogs was inconsistent, leading to some dissatisfaction.

However, one standout was the high-quality coffee, which changed my perspective on coffee entirely. Even without my usual sugar, the latte turned out to be amazing, showcasing the coffee’s excellence. This experience elevated my expectations, making other coffee shops pale in comparison.

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Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters offers high-quality coffee and excellent service, despite some drawbacks related to seating and pet policies. The delicious and well-crafted coffee makes it a worthy stop for coffee enthusiasts.

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