Cielito Lindo Café Reviews And Opinions

Cielito Lindo Café, nestled at 3805 Hohman Ave in Hammond, IN, is a charming coffee shop that has been delighting locals and visitors alike. With a contact number of +1 219-466-6293, the café operates from Monday to Saturday from 5AM to 8PM and on Sundays from 6AM to 8PM.

Boasting a warm and inviting ambiance, Cielito Lindo Café offers a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat or a cozy spot to catch up with friends. The café’s welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by its tasteful décor and comfortable seating arrangements, creating a delightful space to unwind and savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Patrons of Cielito Lindo Café rave about the exceptional quality of its coffee and the array of delectable pastries and sandwiches offered. The skilled baristas take pride in crafting each cup of coffee with precision and care, ensuring that every sip is a flavorful experience.

Conveniently situated in a bustling neighborhood, this café has become a favored destination for individuals looking for a quick caffeine fix or a relaxing place to work. Its prime location makes it an ideal spot for grabbing a morning pick-me-up on the way to work or unwinding after a long day.

Equally impressive is the friendly and attentive staff, who go above and beyond to provide top-notch service. Visitors consistently praise the café’s team for their genuine warmth and efficiency, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, Cielito Lindo Café has garnered a loyal following and continues to attract new customers with its exceptional offerings and hospitality. Whether one seeks a tranquil environment to enjoy a book or a lively setting to meet with friends, this coffee shop has something to offer for everyone.

Cielito Lindo Café Reviews and Opinions

I visited Cielito Lindo Café Hammond, a charming coffee shop and bakery with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. My first impression was positive, as I enjoyed the Taro Boba Tea and found it to be on point in terms of flavor. However, the boba itself wasn’t sweet, which was a bit disappointing. The bakery items had mixed reviews – while the glazed cinnamon roll was enjoyable, the carrot cake and upside down pineapple cake were described as dry and not tasting fresh. The chicken tamales, priced at $1.50 each, were a highlight with their flavorful and slightly spicy taste. Overall, my experience had some hits and misses, but I left with the intention of returning to try other offerings.

On another visit to Cafecito Lindo Hammond Indiana, I tried the cafe de olla, which I found to be too sweet for my liking. Similarly, my husband’s cafe abuelita was also overly sweet. However, the pan dulce, particularly the warm and fresh bolillo and the delicious cheese and jalapeño bolillo, left a positive impression. The small and cramped space could benefit from expansion to improve the flow. Despite this, the variety of delicious breads and the authenticity of the panaderia made me happy to have found this spot.

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The diverse drink options, including the mazapán and vanilla frappes, champurrado, and iced chai, intrigued me. I found the drinks to be too sweet for my preference, but I appreciated the wide selection. The horchata latte stood out as the best among the drinks, leaving me eager to return. The iced chai latte with tres leches cold foam and oat milk was highly praised, along with the cheesecake and concha. The quality of the drinks and the baked goods left me feeling satisfied and eager to support this local establishment.

In summary, Cielito Lindo Café Hammond offers a range of drink options and bakery items. While there were some shortcomings in terms of sweetness levels, the cafe’s unique offerings and authentic panaderia experience left a positive impression. I look forward to returning to explore more of their menu.

Discover the Charm of Cafecito Lindo Hammond Indiana

As a vibrant addition to the Hammond community, Cafecito Lindo Hammond Indiana stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This local gem not only provides a selection of expertly brewed coffees and pastries but also embodies the cultural richness of the area. With its signature drinks and treats, it’s no wonder that this café has become a staple for those in search of a genuine café experience.

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