Commonwealth Coffeehouse Reviews And Opinions

Commonwealth Coffeehouse is a charming coffee shop located at 101 Penn Ave, Scranton, PA 18503. With its cozy atmosphere and delightful selection of beverages, it has become a favorite spot for both locals and visitors to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

The coffee shop’s warm and inviting interior provides the perfect setting for customers to unwind and savor their drinks. Operating hours are as follows: Monday through Friday from 8AM to 3PM, Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 2PM. These operating hours cater to a variety of schedules, making it convenient for patrons to drop by at their leisure.

Upon entering Commonwealth Coffeehouse, guests are welcomed by the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a friendly, attentive staff ready to serve them. The menu features an array of specialty coffees, teas, and delectable pastries, appealing to a diverse range of tastes.

The contact number for Commonwealth Coffeehouse is +1 570-703-0592, providing easy access for inquiries or reservations. The shop’s location in Scranton makes it a convenient stop for those exploring the area or seeking a tranquil space to catch up with friends or work on personal projects.

Customers consistently praise the exceptional quality of the beverages served at Commonwealth Coffeehouse, contributing to an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5. The positive feedback underscores the coffee shop’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up or a leisurely afternoon indulgence, Commonwealth Coffeehouse offers a delightful escape for anyone seeking a delightful coffee experience. The combination of welcoming ambiance, top-notch service, and delicious offerings makes it a standout destination in Scranton’s coffee scene.

Commonwealth Coffeehouse Reviews and Opinions

After analyzing the visitor reviews, I can confidently say that Commonwealth Coffeehouse is a beloved spot in downtown Scranton. The warm welcome on 7/10/2023 set the stage for an exceptional breakfast experience. The Bacon, Egg, and Coopers Cheese sandwich on a brioche bun imported from a Canadian bakery received high praise, as did the house blend coffee and specialty drinks like the Mochana.

The sentiment towards the service was overwhelmingly positive, described as impeccable, warmly welcoming, professional, and kind. The personal touch provided by the owners stood out as a highlight, creating a friendly and cozy atmosphere that left a lasting impression on many visitors.

The ambiance of the coffeehouse was also highly praised, with mentions of a sprawling space, cozy couches, tasteful decor, and a bright, clean atmosphere. Some visitors suggested adding games or cards to enhance the social aspect of the space. Additionally, the availability of unique clothing and small items for sale added to the appeal of the coffeehouse.

The menu offerings, including the food and bakery counter, were described as deliciously tempting, satisfying, and generous. Several patrons expressed their intent to return based on the quality of the food and beverages, citing favorites such as the Breakfast Banderita with roasted red peppers, hazelnut coffee, Irish cream latte, and the specialty Mochana. The affordability of the coffee compared to other options in the area was also highlighted.

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In summary, the overwhelmingly positive sentiment from the reviews indicates that Commonwealth Coffeehouse has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. The combination of delectable food and beverages, welcoming service, and inviting atmosphere cements its reputation as a top choice for coffee and bites in downtown Scranton.

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