DeRa Coffee Reviews And Opinions

DeRa Coffee, nestled at 2320 Los Rios Blvd #101, Plano, TX 75074, is a beloved coffee shop that has earned a stellar reputation for its exquisite brews and inviting ambiance. With a contact number of +1 214-556-6677, DeRa Coffee caters to a diverse clientele seeking a welcoming space to savor exceptional coffee creations.

The coffee shop’s operating hours are as follows: Monday through Thursday from 7AM to 9PM, Friday and Saturday from 7AM to 12AM, and Sunday from 7AM to 8PM. This schedule ensures that patrons can enjoy the warmth and comfort of DeRa Coffee throughout the week.

Embracing a rating of 4.8 out of 5, DeRa Coffee stands out for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Patrons consistently rave about the richness and complexity of the coffee blends offered, complemented by the skillful artistry of the baristas who craft each beverage with precision and care.

Upon stepping into DeRa Coffee, guests are greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly roasted beans and the harmonious hum of conversation. The cozy seating arrangements and tasteful decor create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and socialization, making it a popular spot for both remote work and meetups among friends.

In addition to its exceptional coffee selection, DeRa Coffee also offers a delightful assortment of pastries and light bites, providing the perfect accompaniments to a steaming cup of java. The friendly and attentive staff further enhances the overall experience, ensuring that every visit is met with warmth and hospitality.

Whether seeking a tranquil place to unwind or a lively hub for socializing, DeRa Coffee exudes a welcoming charm that has garnered it a dedicated following. Its commitment to excellence in both service and product quality has solidified its place as a cherished destination for coffee enthusiasts in Plano, Texas and beyond.

Dera Coffee Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 214-556-6677

Address: 2320 Los Rios Blvd #101, Plano, TX 75074, United States

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DeRa Coffee Reviews and Opinions

Based on the visitor reviews, DeRa Coffee is a charming and inviting coffee shop that offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the main roads. The speciality Yemeni beans are noted for their rich and distinct flavor, delighting even the pickiest of coffee lovers. This emphasizes the high quality of their brews, making it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. The positive sentiments expressed in these reviews are indicative of the exceptional experience this coffee shop provides.

The atmosphere at DeRa Coffee is highly praised, with reviewers noting its perfect setting for group meetings or as a remote working space. The beautiful decor and cozy ambiance create a welcoming environment, making it an ideal spot to gather with friends and family. The emphasis on a warm and inviting atmosphere further demonstrates the appeal of this coffee shop beyond its beverages and food offerings.

The variety of food and drink options at DeRa Coffee receives significant praise, with mentions of delicious breads, snack items, Adani Chai, cookies, caramel brownies, pistachio and date cupcakes, as well as unique beverages like pistachio latte and tres leches. Reviewers express their enjoyment of the diverse and creative menu offerings, highlighting the coffee shop’s commitment to providing a memorable dining experience.

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The excellent customer service at DeRa Coffee is consistently highlighted in the reviews, with employees being described as kind and attentive. The willingness of the staff to take the time to explain the different drinks adds a personalized touch to the overall experience, enhancing customer satisfaction. The friendly and helpful demeanor of the employees contributes positively to the overall sentiment of the reviews.

Overall, the overwhelmingly positive reviews and the average rating of 4.8 out of 5 reflect the exceptional quality and experience offered by DeRa Coffee. The consistent use of words like “delicious,” “amazing,” “highly recommend,” and “best” conveys a strong sense of satisfaction and appreciation from the visitors. It is clear that DeRa Coffee has successfully created a strong and positive impression on its patrons, making it a highly recommended destination for coffee enthusiasts and anyone seeking a welcoming and enjoyable cafe experience. DeRa Coffee truly stands out as a top-notch coffee shop with exceptional offerings and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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