Dulce Reviews And Opinions

Dulce is a charming coffee shop located at 10 Henry Trost Ct, El Paso, TX 79901. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, it has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. The shop’s operating hours are from 6 AM to 3 PM every day of the week, providing an ideal setting for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat.

The overall customer rating of Dulce is an impressive 4.6 out of 5, reflecting the consistently high level of satisfaction among patrons. The positive reviews often highlight the quality of the coffee, the friendly service, and the cozy ambiance.

Upon entering Dulce, customers are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of beautifully crafted pastries and treats on display. The shop’s menu offers a variety of coffee options, from classic espressos to lattes and cappuccinos, satisfying the preferences of all coffee enthusiasts. Additionally, a selection of teas and cold beverages is available for those seeking alternative refreshments.

The staff at Dulce is known for their attentive and personable approach, creating a welcoming environment that encourages guests to relax and savor their drinks. Whether visiting for a quick caffeine fix or planning to spend some leisurely time with friends, customers can expect to be treated with warmth and hospitality.

In addition to its delightful beverages, Dulce also provides a range of delectable snacks and light bites. The selection includes freshly baked pastries, savory sandwiches, and indulgent desserts, adding to the overall appeal of the coffee shop as a gathering place for friends and colleagues.

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Overall, Dulce stands out as a beacon of quality and comfort in the El Paso coffee scene, drawing patrons in with its exceptional offerings and hospitable ambiance. For those seeking a delightful coffee experience in a welcoming setting, Dulce proves to be a top choice.

CALL: +1 915-534-3000

Address: 10 Henry Trost Ct, El Paso, TX 79901

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Dulce Reviews and Opinions

I visited Dulce, a local coffee shop in El Paso, and I must say that I am quite pleased with my experience. The atmosphere inside the coffee shop was cozy and inviting, making it a nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The staff at Dulce were kind and helpful, which added to the positive experience. This made it clear to me and my wife that this coffee shop values good customer service.

We found their coffee to be of high quality and truly enjoyed each sip. The flavor and aroma were exceptional, and it was evident that they take pride in the coffee they serve. Additionally, their pastries were similar to those found in a local bakery, which added a nice touch to our visit.

Although I was disappointed to find out that Café de Olla was no longer offered at this location, the overall quality of the coffee and pastries made up for it. I would have liked to see more of the selected items found in the photos, but it did not significantly impact my enjoyment of the visit.

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Moreover, we also tried their gelato, which was a pleasant surprise. The flavors of the day were courteously explained to us, and we were able to enjoy our gelato while walking around the beautiful hotel. This added to the overall positive experience, and I appreciated their attention to detail in providing great service.

Dulce has quickly become one of my new favorite coffee shops in El Paso, and my wife shares the same sentiment. I would highly recommend this coffee shop to anyone looking for a cozy atmosphere, great coffee, and friendly staff. Overall, I would rate my experience at Dulce as excellent, and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

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