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Dunkin’ is a popular coffee shop located at Monmouth Medical Center, 600 River Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701. The establishment offers a variety of coffee and baked goods to hospital staff, visitors, and patients. The business operates from Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM, providing a convenient option for individuals seeking a quick caffeine fix or a snack during their visit to the medical center.

The contact number for Dunkin’ is +1 732-942-6188, allowing customers to inquire about the menu, place orders, or seek additional information about the services provided. The coffee shop’s hours of operation are tailored to accommodate the busy schedules of medical center patrons, providing an accessible and reliable source of refreshments throughout the week.

Customers visiting Dunkin’ at Monmouth Medical Center can expect a typical coffee shop atmosphere with a focus on convenience and efficiency. The menu features a range of coffee options, including various blends, flavors, and specialty beverages, alongside a selection of freshly baked pastries and snacks.

With an average rating of 3.5 out of 5, Dunkin’ has garnered a moderate level of satisfaction among its clientele. While some patrons appreciate the convenience and quality of the products offered, others have expressed mixed opinions regarding factors such as service speed and overall experience. Despite this, the coffee shop continues to attract regular customers who value its presence within the medical center.

Overall, Dunkin’ serves as a go-to destination for individuals seeking a quick and satisfying coffee or snack during their time at Monmouth Medical Center. Its strategic location, diverse menu, and accommodating hours make it a convenient choice for those in need of a caffeine boost or a small treat while at the hospital.

CALL: +1 732-942-6188

Address: Monmouth Medical Center, 600 River Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701

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Dunkin’ Reviews and Opinions

As a frequent visitor to Dunkin’ at Monmouth Medical Center in Lakewood, NJ, I have experienced both positive and negative aspects of this coffee shop. The erratic closing times are frustrating, making it difficult to rely on the shop being open when needed. The inconsistency in operating hours can be inconvenient for customers.

On one hand, the coffee from Dunkin’ is described as “love in a cup” by one visitor, emphasizing the enjoyment and satisfaction that some customers find in their drinks. However, the positive sentiment takes a sharp turn when discussing the quality of service. The complaints about the employee’s lack of knowledge and poor execution of drink preparation are concerning. The recurring issue of improperly made drinks and unprofessional behavior from the staff is a significant drawback.

This Dunkin’ location seems to be struggling with maintaining consistent quality and customer satisfaction. The dissatisfaction is evident not only from the individual customer experiences but also from the general sentiment portrayed by other patrons, including hospital staff. The collective frustration among the employees and customers further highlights the poor standard of service at this Dunkin’ branch.

Furthermore, incidents such as not receiving a free coffee on a promotional day only add to the disappointment of the overall experience. This reflects poorly on the management and execution of promotions at this location. The negative reviews about stale food items and a displeased employee further contribute to the unfavorable image of this Dunkin’ outlet. The complaints about stale food items and the grumpy demeanor of the staff member reflect poorly on the overall quality and atmosphere of the coffee shop.

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While some customers may find delight in their drinks, the recurring issues with service, drink quality, and unmet expectations paint a largely negative picture of this Dunkin’ location. The inconsistency in operating hours, unsatisfactory service, and quality control concerns indicate a need for improvement in various aspects of the customer experience. This Dunkin’ branch must address the issues raised by its patrons to enhance its reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

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