Dunn Brothers Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Dunn Brothers Coffee, located at 2401 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55812, offers a delightful and cozy atmosphere for coffee enthusiasts. The shop’s contact number is +1 218-724-8838. Operating hours are as follows: Monday: Open 24 hours, Tuesday to Friday: 6:30 AM to 6 PM, Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM to 6 PM.

The establishment has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, reflecting the high level of satisfaction among its patrons. This positive rating speaks volumes about the quality of their products and services. Customers can expect top-notch coffee and a warm ambiance, making it a popular choice in the local community.

The menu offers a wide array of coffee selections, including single-origin brews and specialty espresso drinks. For those seeking a caffeine fix, the shop also serves premium teas and an assortment of delectable pastries. Whether visitors are looking for a quick pick-me-up or a relaxing place to savor their beverages, Dunn Brothers Coffee caters to both needs.

Patrons have expressed appreciation for the shop’s friendly and attentive staff. The baristas are known for their skill in crafting personalized drinks and creating a welcoming environment for guests. Additionally, the shop’s convenient location and comfortable seating make it an ideal spot for both individuals and groups to unwind or catch up over coffee.

The interior exudes a charming and rustic appeal, with tasteful decor and ample natural light. This enhances the overall experience and invites customers to linger and enjoy the moment. Whether dropping by for a morning boost or an afternoon respite, Dunn Brothers Coffee provides a welcoming haven for all.

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Overall, Dunn Brothers Coffee stands out as a well-loved establishment that consistently delivers on quality, service, and ambiance. Its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for coffee aficionados in Duluth, MN.

Dunn Brothers Coffee
CALL: +1 218-724-8838

Address: 2401 London Rd, Duluth, MN 55812, United States

Opening Hours of Dunn Brothers Coffee

Monday:Open 24 hours


Dunn Brothers Coffee Reviews and Opinions

As I analyze the visitor reviews of Dunn Brothers Coffee, I can sense a mix of positive and negative sentiments. The log cabin ambiance seems to have left a strong impression on many visitors, with its cozy and rustic feel. The staff is consistently praised for their friendliness and great service. This is underscored by the frequent mention of the excellent coffee and beverage options available.

However, the issue of pricing has cropped up in several reviews, causing some dissatisfaction among customers. The higher drink prices compared to other local coffee shops seem to have led to a deduction of stars by a few patrons. Though the quality of the drinks and food is appreciated, the cost appears to be a sticking point for some visitors.

The praise for the coffee and the staff is a recurring theme in the reviews, with the wooden cabin atmosphere adding to the overall positive experience. It’s evident that the location, being near Lake Superior and having an outdoor deck, has added to the appeal of this place as well.

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Despite the generally high ratings and positive feedback, the issue of pricing is mentioned repeatedly, leading to mild disappointment among some visitors. Nonetheless, the consensus on the quality of the coffee, the friendly staff, and the unique log cabin setting is overwhelmingly positive.

Dunn Brothers Coffee seems to offer a delightful experience with its cozy ambiance, excellent coffee, and friendly service. However, the relatively higher prices compared to other nearby coffee shops have left a slight blemish on an otherwise positive impression. If the pricing aspect is addressed, it could further enhance the overall satisfaction of customers visiting this establishment.

Experience the Charm of Dunn Bros Duluth MN

For those in the Duluth area, Dunn Bros Duluth MN presents a unique blend of local coffee culture and Midwestern hospitality. This particular location stands out not just for its quality brews and pastries but also for its contribution to the Duluth community. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, a visit to Dunn Bros Duluth MN is a must for anyone seeking a local coffee shop with character and a commitment to excellence.

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