Dutch Bros Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Dutch Bros Coffee, located at 1760 N Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454, is a popular coffee shop known for its exceptional service and high-quality beverages. With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, it has garnered a loyal customer base and positive reviews from visitors.

The coffee shop’s contact number is +1 541-955-4700, and it operates with convenient hours from 5 AM to 10 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the shop extends its hours until 11 PM, providing late-night coffee options. On Sundays, it opens at 5 AM and closes at 10 PM, catering to early risers and evening customers alike.

Dutch Bros Coffee offers a cozy and welcoming ambiance for customers to enjoy their favorite coffee blends, whether they prefer classic brews or specialty concoctions. The shop prides itself on using premium ingredients to craft delicious beverages, ensuring a consistently satisfying experience for patrons.

As a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts, Dutch Bros Coffee is staffed by friendly baristas who are adept at preparing a wide array of drinks, from rich espresso-based classics to refreshing iced coffees. The menu also features various flavor options, allowing customers to customize their drinks to suit their preferences.

In addition to its exceptional drinks, the coffee shop provides a selection of delectable pastries and snacks to complement the beverages. This allows visitors to indulge in a complete and enjoyable coffee shop experience.

Overall, Dutch Bros Coffee stands out as a reputable establishment in Santa Maria, offering top-notch coffee, excellent service, and a comfortable environment for patrons to savor their favorite caffeinated delights.

Dutch Bros Coffee Reviews and Opinions

I visited Dutch Bros Coffee for the first time and had a mix of experiences.

The evening shift on 2/10 was disappointing. The employees seemed more engaged in talking to each other than providing good service. For a place like Dutch Bros, atmosphere matters, and the team should care more. It was disheartening, especially since I went there for the ambiance that sets Dutch Bros apart from other coffee shops. If I wanted cold employees, I might as well go to Starbucks.

On the bright side, my drive-thru experience was delightful. Despite the long line, the great customer service made it worth the wait. Kristen was sweet, offered excellent ordering advice, and made the experience truly enjoyable. The drinks were delicious, and the window service was excellent. This positive encounter makes me want to choose Dutch Bros over any other coffee shop.

I appreciate that Dutch Bros is cheaper than Starbucks, and it’s no surprise that it’s super busy for a good reason. I got plenty of drinks to take back, which was great.

Although the production process was slow and not as fast as Starbucks, the coffee was good, and the menu was quite appealing. The selection of hot/cold coffee blends, fruit blended teas, and seasonal drinks was impressive. Plus, the “kid friendly” selection and the puppuchinos for dogs were thoughtful touches. The frequent stickers they give out are cool, and I suggest downloading their app for a free drink on your first visit.

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While the traffic at the entrance was sketchy initially, it seems they have worked it out. In conclusion, despite the initial rough experience, the engaging customer service and the variety of offerings make Dutch Bros Coffee a worthy choice.

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