Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe Reviews And Opinions

Located in the heart of Toledo, Ohio, Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe offers a welcoming atmosphere and an array of delicious coffee and food options. Situated at 1447 N Summit St Suite D, this cozy café has become a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, often referred to as the “earth coffee shop” by its regulars.

Operating with convenient hours, Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe is open from 7:30 AM to 5 PM on Mondays through Fridays. On Saturdays, the cafe opens at 10 AM and closes at 4 PM, providing a perfect weekend stop for coffee enthusiasts. Closed on Sundays, the cafe provides a warm and comfortable setting for patrons to enjoy their favorite brews and bites throughout the week.

The café’s inviting interior features a modern yet cozy aesthetic, with ample seating available for those seeking a relaxing environment to unwind or catch up with friends. The friendly and knowledgeable staff further enhance the experience, providing excellent customer service.

Patrons can indulge in an impressive selection of coffee beverages, including expertly crafted espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, as well as a variety of specialty drinks. Additionally, Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe offers a delectable assortment of pastries, sandwiches, and light bites to complement the beverage selection.

With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe has garnered praise for its high-quality offerings, welcoming ambiance, and attentive service. Whether patrons are in need of a morning pick-me-up or a midday treat, the café’s diverse menu is sure to satisfy a range of tastes and preferences.

For residents and visitors in Toledo looking for a top-notch coffee experience, Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe stands out as a go-to destination, where exceptional brews and a comfortable atmosphere await.

Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe Reviews and Opinions

I visited Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe recently and had a mixed experience. At first glance, I was totally in love with the place. The atmosphere was so beautiful and calming, and the breakfast I had was great. However, one downside is that they have limited hours of operation, which was disappointing because I would have loved to spend more time there. Despite this, I am considering getting a membership.

The food at Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe was surprisingly high quality and deliciously seasoned, which I wasn’t expecting from a coffee shop. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or get some work done. The drink menu intrigued me, and I tried the raspberry matcha with oat milk, which turned out to be the most delicious matcha I’ve ever had. The latte I also tried was equally delicious. This made it a nice calm place for studying or catching up with friends.

Unfortunately, my experience was marred by an incident at the counter. I have food allergies and inquired about their sourdough bread. The staff member’s response was disappointing as he seemed unsure about the ingredients and didn’t offer to check or suggest alternatives. This could have been handled better, especially since we were not busy. It left me feeling let down.

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On a positive note, the smoothie I had was excellent and worth the price. The ambience at Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe is just like the pictures – very relaxing. I also had a pleasant surprise when I saw a former student working there, which added a personal touch to my visit.

Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe offers a beautiful and calming atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and a great place to socialize or work. However, the limited hours of operation and the disappointing interaction regarding my food allergies were drawbacks to an otherwise enjoyable experience. Despite these issues, I still feel inclined to consider becoming a member due to the overall positive aspects of the coffee shop.

Discover the Charm of Earth Coffee Shop

As the renown of the “earth coffee shop” grows, more patrons are drawn to its doors, eager to discover the charm that sets Earth Coffeehouse & Cafe apart from other coffee shops in Toledo. With a commitment to sustainability and community, this earth-friendly café is more than just a place for a good cup of joe; it’s a hub for those who appreciate the finer nuances of a conscientious and inviting coffee shop experience.

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