FIX Coffeebar Reviews And Opinions

FIX Coffeebar is a cozy and inviting coffee shop located at 415 Westheimer Rd #101, Houston, TX 77006. They can be reached at +1 832-807-4562. The shop opens at 7AM on Monday to Friday, and at 8AM on Sundays and Saturdays. It provides a warm and welcoming ambiance for customers to enjoy their coffee experience. The interior is charmingly decorated with comfortable seating arrangements that are perfect for socializing or having some quiet time alone.

The café offers a wide variety of coffee drinks, from classic espresso-based beverages to flavored lattes and cappuccinos. They also have a selection of teas, hot chocolate, and refreshing iced drinks to cater to different preferences. In addition to the beverages, FIX Coffeebar provides a delectable range of pastries and light snacks that perfectly complement the drinks.

Their average rating of 4.6 out of 5 speaks volumes about the quality of their offerings and the level of satisfaction they deliver to their customers. Customers are consistently impressed by the exceptional service provided by the staff, as well as the overall pleasant atmosphere of the café. The friendly and attentive baristas are dedicated to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for every visitor.

The location of FIX Coffeebar makes it convenient for both locals and tourists to drop in for a quick pick-me-up or to spend some leisurely time savoring their favorite beverages. Additionally, the operating hours provide flexibility for patrons to visit at different times throughout the week, whether it’s for a morning energizer or an afternoon boost.

Overall, FIX Coffeebar is a delightful establishment that has gained a strong reputation for its high-quality coffee, inviting environment, and excellent customer service. It’s an ideal destination for anyone seeking a delightful coffee experience in Houston.

FIX Coffeebar Reviews and Opinions

I recently visited FIX Coffeebar, located in the Montrose area. This is definitely the place to go for a good coffee fix and delicious snacks. The parking may be limited, but the overall experience is worth the walk. The coffee shop makes their own syrups from scratch in house, offering a wide variety of exotic coffee blends from around the world. The atmosphere is great, and the restaurant and restrooms are clean.

The food at FIX Coffeebar was incredible, and I particularly enjoyed their meat pies. The coffee was great, and the pricing was incredibly reasonable. Although it’s a long drive from my place, I’d definitely go back if I’m in the area again. The short wait for the order was an added bonus. Overall, it’s a good place to get your coffee fix.

The seasonal drinks at FIX Coffeebar exceeded my expectations, bursting with unique flavors that perfectly captured the essence of the season. The shots of espresso were expertly pulled, delivering a rich and satisfying kick of caffeine. The quality and creativity of the offerings truly impressed me, making it a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts.

The staff at FIX Coffeebar is very friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy with plenty of seating. They offer many unique coffee drinks, catering to both coffee enthusiasts and non-coffee drinkers. The variety of options available makes it a welcoming place for everyone.

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I found FIX Coffeebar to be a cozy and cute corner coffee bar, definitely worth the visit. I tried their famous honey lavender latte and was pleasantly surprised by its deliciousness. The family-friendly atmosphere added to the overall positive experience, and listening to the owner’s dreamy Oxford accent was an added bonus.

My experience at FIX Coffeebar was overwhelmingly positive. The selection of drinks, friendliness of the staff, cozy atmosphere, and delicious food make it a stand-out destination for coffee lovers and anyone looking for a welcoming cafe experience. I highly recommend visiting FIX Coffeebar for a delightful and memorable coffee experience.

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