Gregorys Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Gregorys Coffee, located at 1900 L St NW, Washington, DC 20036, is a popular coffee shop known for its excellent brews and welcoming atmosphere. The shop offers a wide range of coffee beverages, as well as a selection of pastries and light snacks, making it the ideal spot for both quick coffee fix or a leisurely break.

The shop has garnered a solid reputation for its quality products and friendly service, reflected in its impressive average rating of 4.3 out of 5. Gregorys Coffee stands as a favorite among locals and tourists seeking a cozy place to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Visitors can expect a laid-back ambiance with comfortable seating, making it an excellent spot for those in search of a place to unwind or catch up with friends. The shop’s interior is modern and inviting, creating an environment that encourages relaxation and conversation.

In addition to its inviting atmosphere, Gregorys Coffee’s convenient operating hours ensure accessibility for patrons with varying schedules. The shop is open from 7 AM to 4 PM on Monday through Friday, and from 8 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays, providing ample opportunities to indulge in their signature coffee blends and delectable treats.

With its central location and dedication to serving premium coffee, Gregorys Coffee has become a staple in the local community. Customers appreciate the shop’s commitment to quality and consistency, which have contributed to its favorable reviews and loyal customer base.

For those in search of a place to savor expertly crafted coffee in the heart of Washington, DC, Gregorys Coffee offers a delightful experience that continues to captivate patrons with its delicious offerings and inviting ambiance.

Gregorys Coffee Reviews and Opinions

I visited Gregory’s Coffee and had a mixed experience. The lemonade + tea drink was good, but it needed simple syrup to be sweet. The banana nut pound cake was tasty and generously portioned. I appreciated the standard table seating with outdoor options.

However, the presence of fruit flies was a major downside. They constantly distracted me and ultimately forced me to leave. This really dampened my experience and made it difficult to focus on my work.

On the positive side, I tried the Smashing Pumpkin for the first time, and it was made perfectly. I’m definitely considering going back for more. The coffee shop itself is nice, quiet, and clean, offering great coffee and friendly service. I particularly enjoyed the avocado toast and the convenience of outlets and wifi.

I found Gregory’s to be one of the best locations I’ve been to, given their variety of foods and beverages suitable for a plant-based diet. Rashawnda, the barista who served me, was fantastic – she was attentive, helpful, and made my drink beautifully. The cleanliness and ample seating space, along with nearby street parking, added to the positive experience.

One point of feedback is the lack of allergy warnings on the menu. While some drinks specify almond or oat milk, there’s a gap in communicating potential allergens, such as the use of pistachio milk foam in certain seasonal drinks.

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Overall, I would recommend this location for anyone seeking a place with good coffee, tea, and chill vibes. Despite the fruit fly issue, Gregory’s Coffee offers a pleasant environment with delicious drinks and food options.

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