Heritage Coffee & Gifts Reviews And Opinions

Heritage Coffee & Gifts is a charming coffee shop located at 210 W 7th St, Oxnard, CA 93030. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, it has garnered a loyal customer base for its exceptional service and high-quality offerings.

The cozy ambience at Heritage Coffee & Gifts sets the stage for a relaxing coffee experience. The warm color scheme and inviting decor create a welcoming environment, perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying a peaceful solo visit. The shop’s location in Oxnard makes it a convenient stop for both locals and visitors to the area.

The menu at Heritage Coffee & Gifts boasts an impressive selection of coffee and tea, expertly crafted by skilled baristas. Customers can savor the rich aromas and flavors of specialty coffee blends, as well as indulge in a variety of delicious pastries and light bites. The establishment takes pride in using premium ingredients to ensure a delightful culinary experience.

In addition to its delightful beverages and treats, Heritage Coffee & Gifts also offers a selection of unique gifts and merchandise. Customers can browse through an array of curated items, making it a one-stop destination for both coffee enthusiasts and gift shoppers.

The shop’s hours of operation are as follows: Monday to Friday from 7:30AM to 4:30PM, and Saturday from 8AM to 4PM. Heritage Coffee & Gifts is closed on Sundays, providing a well-deserved day of rest for its hardworking team.

With its exceptional customer service, delectable offerings, and inviting atmosphere, Heritage Coffee & Gifts has undoubtedly earned its sterling reputation. Whether seeking a morning pick-me-up or a tranquil setting to unwind, this coffee shop remains a standout choice for patrons in Oxnard.

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CALL: +1 805-394-0140

Address: 210 W 7th St, Oxnard, CA 93030

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Heritage Coffee & Gifts Reviews and Opinions

I visited Heritage Coffee & Gifts and I absolutely love this place. The atmosphere is amazing- so homey. The cute little coffee shop impressed me with its unique offerings, including cups, bird houses, jewelry, and more for purchase. It’s a cute idea for a date night and the staff/owners are incredibly friendly.

The matcha latte I ordered was delightful and the drinks in general were great. The ambience is adorable and the presence of a nice little gift shop in the back with adorable knickknacks added to the charm of the place. The incorporation of a souvenir shop is a nice touch and adds to the overall experience.

I did notice, however, that the display of muffins could be more attractive. Nonetheless, the coffee shop is a great place for coffee, located in beautiful, historic Heritage Square. The cute factor of the place cannot be overstated, and the friendly staff further enhances the experience. The cappuccino was good and I appreciated the presence of the souvenir shop.

Overall, Heritage Coffee & Gifts is a delightful spot to visit for a cozy coffee experience. Visitors are sure to appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as the unique and cute offerings available for purchase. It’s an excellent choice for a memorable coffee outing. My experience left me feeling highly satisfied, and I would definitely recommend this coffee shop to others who appreciate a quaint and charming coffee spot.

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