La Colombe Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

La Colombe Coffee Roasters, nestled at 130 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, is a renowned coffee shop that has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. With its inviting atmosphere and exceptional coffee selection, it has earned an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, making it a top choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Operating from 7 AM to 7 PM every day of the week, La Colombe Coffee Roasters ensures that patrons can savor their favorite caffeine fix at their convenience. The extended hours cater to both early risers and those seeking a late afternoon pick-me-up, accommodating diverse schedules and preferences.

Upon entering the coffee shop, customers are greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, setting the stage for a delightful experience. The welcoming ambiance and cozy seating arrangements make it a perfect spot to relax, catch up with friends, or simply unwind while enjoying a cup of expertly crafted coffee.

The menu features an array of meticulously sourced and roasted beans, ensuring a rich and flavorful selection for coffee connoisseurs. From classic espresso drinks to specialty lattes and artisanal pour-overs, La Colombe Coffee Roasters caters to a wide range of palates with its diverse and carefully curated offerings.

In addition to its exceptional coffee, the establishment prides itself on providing superior customer service. The knowledgeable and friendly staff members are dedicated to ensuring that each guest receives prompt and personalized attention, further enhancing the overall experience.

Whether it’s a quick caffeine boost on the way to work or a leisurely weekend coffee outing, La Colombe Coffee Roasters continues to captivate patrons with its commitment to excellence and unwavering passion for exceptional coffee. With its prime location and unwavering dedication to quality, it stands as a beacon of coffee culture in the heart of Philadelphia.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters
CALL: +1 215-563-0860

Address: 130 S 19th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States

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La Colombe Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

La Colombe Coffee Roasters is an amazing coffee shop in Philly that offers a truly impressive experience. Their recommendation of the nitro latte was spot on – I was super impressed!

The vibe at La Colombe is cool, and the hospitality is on point. The staff is friendly and attentive, making the overall experience enjoyable. I really appreciate that they sell their merch and coffee products, allowing me to bring a piece of the experience home with me.

Despite being a little small, the cozy atmosphere adds to the charm of the place. Securing a seat can be a bit challenging, but it’s definitely worth it.

I particularly enjoyed the oat latte, as it turned out to be heavenly despite its thick texture. It has become my go-to drink whenever I visit.

The location near Rittenhouse Park is perfect, and I love coming here almost daily to have coffee talk with other regulars. My usual orders are the flat white or cortado, depending on my mood. The friendly staff and great coffee make this spot a favorite of mine.

I once visited just 10 minutes before closing, but the barista’s kindness stood out as she offered me a sample of their draft oat latte. Even though it ran out, I ended up with a great fix of caffeine in the form of a cold brew mix. The service was excellent, and I left happy.

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La Colombe’s coffee is truly amazing, and I can’t recommend it enough. The cozy atmosphere, efficient and friendly service, and privileged location near Rittenhouse Square all add to the appeal. I look forward to returning and enjoying the quiet, relaxing ambiance again.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters has left a lasting impression on me with its top-notch coffee, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere. It’s a must-visit coffee shop in Philly that I highly recommend to anyone in search of a great coffee experience.

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