Mas Y Menos Reviews And Opinions

Mas y Menos is a charming coffee shop located at 1035 Belvidere St, El Paso, TX. The shop’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with its dedication to serving quality coffee and exceptional customer service, has made it a popular spot among locals and visitors alike.

The establishment’s operating hours provide ample opportunity for patrons to enjoy their favorite beverages and treats, as it opens as early as 7:30 AM on weekdays and stays open until 10 PM on select evenings.

Upon entering Mas y Menos, customers are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the soothing melodies of soft background music. The cozy interior is adorned with comfortable seating options that cater to those seeking a peaceful moment to themselves as well as groups looking to engage in lively conversations.

The menu features an array of coffee selections, from classic espressos and lattes to specialty drinks that showcase the baristas’ creativity and expertise. Additionally, the shop offers an assortment of pastries and light bites that perfectly complement the coffee offerings.

One of the standout attributes of Mas y Menos is its commitment to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, as evidenced by its notable average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

The staff members are known for their friendly and accommodating nature, consistently ensuring that patrons receive prompt and personalized service. Whether customers are seeking a quick caffeine fix on-the-go or aiming to unwind with a leisurely cup of coffee, Mas y Menos diligently caters to their needs.

Those who wish to partake in the experience provided by Mas y Menos can reach out via phone at +1 915-491-0595 for any inquiries or to place orders for pickup. Whether escaping for a quiet respite or engaging in animated discussions, patrons can always count on Mas y Menos to deliver a delightful coffee shop experience.

Mas y Menos Reviews and Opinions

Based on the visitor reviews, Mas y Menos seems to have a mixed sentiment from customers. The coffee and brew house is described as eclectic and modern, with delicious espresso and latte that “exploded in our mouth.” The egg sandwiches also received high praise, indicating a positive experience overall.

The ambience of the place is positively highlighted, with comments on it being a “cute little place with a nice vibe” and plenty of seating inside and out, making it a great spot to hang out with friends or get work done. It’s noted that the place is dog-friendly, which adds to the welcoming atmosphere.

However, there are concerns about pricing, with a few customers feeling that the cost of items like lattes, pints of beer, and sandwiches are slightly higher than expected. Some feel that the menu’s variety and pricing structure can be confusing, leading to questions about the justification of the prices.

There are also mentions of additional charges, such as 10 cents for to-go containers, leading to perceptions of cost-cutting measures, which might give the impression of financial struggles for the business.

On the positive side, several customers appreciate the calming atmosphere, tasty beverages and food items, and the quick and friendly service from the staff. The selection of drinks, including tea, coffee, and beers, is praised as well.

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The availability of outdoor seating and the option to open up the bay door connecting inside to outside during nice weather are seen as positives. However, there are some minor concerns raised, such as limited seating during peak times and dim lighting, which could affect activities like board games.

While Mas y Menos receives praise for its atmosphere, friendly staff, and tasty offerings, there are concerns about pricing and additional charges that might impact the overall customer experience. It seems to be a generally favorable place to visit, but some customers have reservations regarding the value for the price.

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