Pasion Del Cielo Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee, located at 3301 NE 1st Ave STE 100, Miami, FL 33137, is a popular coffee shop known for its exceptional quality coffee and welcoming ambiance. With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, it has garnered positive reviews from both locals and tourists, making it a go-to destination for coffee aficionados.

The coffee shop offers a wide range of carefully curated coffee beans sourced from different parts of the world, ensuring a unique and delightful experience with every cup. The aroma of freshly ground coffee fills the air, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons seeking a caffeine fix or a cozy place to unwind.

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee’s operating hours provide ample opportunities for customers to savor their favorite brew. From Monday to Thursday, the coffee shop opens at 7 AM and closes at 10 PM, accommodating early risers and those looking for a late-night coffee rendezvous. On Fridays, it opens at 7 AM and operates until 10 PM. On weekends, it welcomes customers at 8 AM on Sundays and operates until 9 PM, while on Saturdays, it opens at 8 AM and stays open until 10 PM.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Pasion Del Cielo Coffee adds to the overall appeal of the establishment. Customers appreciate the efficient service and the baristas’ expertise in preparing a wide array of coffee beverages, from classic espresso drinks to specialty concoctions.

Visitors can find a comfortable spot to enjoy their coffee, whether it’s a quick stop at the counter or a leisurely stay at the cozy seating areas. The shop’s warm and inviting décor further enhances the overall customer experience, making it a favored spot for social gatherings, meetings, or simply unwinding alone.

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With its commitment to quality, inviting atmosphere, and convenient operating hours, Pasion Del Cielo Coffee continues to be a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts in Miami.

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee
CALL: +1 305-704-7235

Address: 3301 NE 1st Ave STE 100, Miami, FL 33137, United States

Opening Hours of Pasion Del Cielo Coffee



Pasion Del Cielo Coffee Reviews and Opinions

I visited Pasion Del Cielo Coffee for the first time and had a really enjoyable experience. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and there were plenty of options to choose from. I tried the vanilla matcha latte, and the quality was great. The spacious environment and reliable wifi made it a great place to work. Overall, I had a positive experience and will definitely be back.

The smaller chain is much more enjoyable than Starbucks. I appreciated the diverse selection of coffee beans from different countries, each with its own unique characteristics. The Baked Chicken Empanada was delicious and added to the overall experience. The ambiance, with its brick wall decor and wood floors, was appealing, although the music could have been more upbeat. Jessica, my barista, was sweet and helpful, which enhanced my visit. I will definitely return to this and other locations in the future. The only issue was that parking can be difficult at times, so planning accordingly is recommended.

On the other hand, I encountered some issues during my visit. The staff’s behavior towards closing time was less than satisfactory. Despite Google stating a different closing time, I was informed they were closing earlier than expected, and the discrepancies in advertised closing times were confusing. This left a negative impression and affected my overall experience.

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My husband and I are both coffee enthusiasts, and we traveled quite a distance to visit this coffee shop based on previous positive experiences. The Kenya coffee at Pasion Del Cielo Coffee lived up to its reputation, as my husband enjoyed it as much as he did years ago in South FL. The coffee surpassed our expectations, and we hope the chain will expand to other locations, such as Houston.

The seating options, both indoor and outdoor, were comfortable, but the lack of displayed prices was awkward. The raspberry white mocha was delightful, while the coconut palmer was overly sweet. The pastry selection was limited, but the banana bread was tasty.

My overall experience at Pasion Del Cielo Coffee was positive, with excellent coffee and a welcoming ambiance. However, there were some issues with closing times and pricing. I would recommend this coffee shop for its quality beverages and comfortable atmosphere, with the hope that they address the aforementioned drawbacks for an even better experience.

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