Presta Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

Presta Coffee Roasters is a beloved coffee shop located at 100 South Avenida del Convento #180, Tucson, AZ 85745. The shop’s convenient hours from 7AM to 4PM, seven days a week, make it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. At Presta Coffee Roasters, customers can indulge in expertly crafted coffee beverages in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Presta Coffee Roasters has gained a stellar reputation, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5. This high rating reflects the consistent quality and exceptional service provided by the dedicated staff. Their commitment to customer satisfaction has helped them establish a loyal clientele.

The coffee shop’s location offers a cozy and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal place for patrons to relax or catch up with friends. Whether stopping by for a quick caffeine boost or settling in for a leisurely visit, guests can expect a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

In addition to their delicious coffee offerings, Presta Coffee Roasters also provides a selection of delectable pastries and light bites, perfect for pairing with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The menu caters to various tastes, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every craving.

The contact number for Presta Coffee Roasters is +1 520-333-7146, providing a convenient way for customers to inquire about their services or place orders ahead of their visit. The team is known for its friendly and accommodating approach, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Overall, Presta Coffee Roasters stands out as a top destination for coffee enthusiasts in Tucson. With its prime location, inviting atmosphere, and exceptional beverages, it continues to be a go-to spot for those seeking a premium coffee experience.

Presta Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 520-333-7146

Address: 100 South Avenida del Convento #180, Tucson, AZ 85745

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Presta Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

I visited Presta Coffee Roasters and found it to be a super cute and cozy place. The atmosphere was lovely, making it a great spot to study away from campus. It was a Friday afternoon, so it was quite busy, but I didn’t have to wait long for my latte, which I really appreciated. The outstanding coffee lived up to the hype, as I tried a pour over and an iced oat milk latte, both of which were excellent.

The outdoor seating area was beautiful and dog-friendly, adding to the welcoming ambiance. The unique courtyard setup added to the cool scene, with good bakery and food options available. The high recommendations I received about Presta surely did not disappoint, and I am looking forward to visiting again. The mocha was particularly noteworthy and definitely added to my positive experience.

The fairyduster and desert sage drinks were delicious, and I’ll definitely be stopping by again when I’m in Tucson. However, it’s important to note that this might not be the best spot if you’re looking for a quiet place to work, as seating is limited and the location inside a Mercado can be quite busy. Parking can also be a bit of a challenge, but once you find the dirt lot, you’re all set. The convenience of having a bakery and Seite nearby was a nice touch.

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As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, I ordered a cortado, and I was truly impressed. The selection of teas and the open courtyard seating added to the overall positive experience. While there are a few seats inside, there are plenty more available outside. The easy access from the freeway and light rail made it convenient to get to, enhancing the overall appeal of the place.

My visit to Presta Coffee Roasters was incredibly positive, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a delightful coffee experience in a charming atmosphere.

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