Savannah Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

Savannah Coffee Roasters is a charming coffee shop located at 215 W Liberty St, Savannah, GA 31401. With its prime location in the heart of Savannah, this coffee haven has become a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike. The shop’s contact number is +1 912-352-2994, and it operates from Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 5 PM and on Sundays from 7 AM to 4 PM.

Savannah Coffee Roasters prides itself on delivering a top-notch coffee experience to its patrons. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee greets customers as they step through the door, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. The shop’s interior exudes a rustic charm, with comfortable seating arrangements that are perfect for socializing, working, or simply relaxing with a cup of coffee.

The menu at Savannah Coffee Roasters features an impressive selection of coffee beverages, from classic espresso drinks to unique signature creations. In addition to their exceptional coffee offerings, the shop also provides a variety of pastries and snacks that perfectly complement the drinks. Customers can enjoy a delightful assortment of freshly baked goods that cater to different dietary preferences.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Savannah Coffee Roasters is its stellar average rating of 4.5 out of 5. This high rating reflects the consistent quality of the beverages and the overall customer satisfaction. With friendly and attentive staff members, customers are always met with a warm welcome and exceptional service.

The shop’s operating hours provide ample opportunities for individuals to visit and indulge in their favorite coffee beverages throughout the week. Whether it’s a quick caffeine fix in the morning or a leisurely afternoon coffee break, Savannah Coffee Roasters accommodates various schedules, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination for all coffee enthusiasts.

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Savannah Coffee Roasters stands out as a premier coffee shop in Savannah, offering a delightful blend of superb coffee, inviting ambiance, and exceptional service. Whether one is a local looking for a new hangout spot or a visitor seeking a memorable coffee experience in Savannah, this establishment delivers on all fronts.

Savannah Coffee Roasters
CALL: +1 912-352-2994

Address: 215 W Liberty St, Savannah, GA 31401

Opening Hours of Savannah Coffee Roasters



Savannah Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

I visited Savannah Coffee Roasters during my trip to Savannah, and I must say, it’s a great coffee shop! The atmosphere was cute, and I especially enjoyed the outdoor seating. The freshly brewed coffee was a perfect start to my day, and the selection of foods and baked goods was impressive. It’s no wonder it’s a popular choice among locals.

As I sat down with my malted scone and drip and cold brew coffees, I couldn’t help but notice the bug in my coffee when I added creamer. Despite this, the overall environment was really nice. However, I found the employees to be less welcoming compared to other places in the area.

One highlight was seeing the roasting machines, which added to the experience. Although this visit didn’t completely blow me away, I would consider coming back for the local coffee and baked goods, as well as trying out the Lemon Passionfruit Cheesecake, which was highly recommended by other visitors.

In terms of drinks, the Iced Tea and Vanilla Latte were great, and the lavender oat milk latte and Liberty Street breakfast sandwich on a croissant with bacon received high praise from other customers. The pavlova was also a standout, complementing the coffee perfectly.

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The warm and cozy atmosphere was definitely a plus, although it was mentioned that the prices were a bit high. Nevertheless, the food and coffee were very good, and the overall experience left me with a positive impression of Savannah Coffee Roasters.

Overall, Savannah Coffee Roasters offered a charming atmosphere, delicious food and coffee, and notable treats that made the visit worthwhile.

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