Sisters Coffee Company In The Pearl District Reviews And Opinions

Sisters Coffee Company is a charming coffee shop nestled in The Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. Conveniently located at 1235 NW Marshall St, the café exudes a welcoming atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. Operating from 7 AM to 5 PM daily, patrons can enjoy its offerings throughout the week. For inquiries or orders, interested parties may contact the establishment at +1 971-279-2957.

The café’s warm ambiance and elegant interiors make it an inviting space to savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee or indulge in delectable pastries. Upon stepping inside, guests are greeted by the aromatic allure of freshly ground coffee beans, setting the stage for a delightful experience. The soothing background music and comfortable seating further enhance the overall ambiance, creating a perfect setting for relaxation or catching up with friends.

Sisters Coffee Company has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, indicative of its commitment to consistently delivering high-quality products and exceptional service. The dedicated team of baristas ensures that every beverage is expertly prepared, while the selection of premium coffee beans guarantees a rich and satisfying taste with every sip.

In addition to its superb coffee offerings, the café provides an array of delectable pastries and light snacks to complement the beverage choices. Whether craving a flaky croissant, a decadent slice of cake, or a savory snack, patrons will find an enticing selection to satisfy their cravings.

The location of Sisters Coffee Company in the vibrant Pearl District adds to its allure, making it a convenient stop for those exploring the area’s shops, galleries, and attractions. Whether seeking a quick caffeine fix or a serene spot to unwind, this coffee shop provides a haven for coffee enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Sisters Coffee Company In The Pearl District Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 971-279-2957

Address: 1235 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

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Sisters Coffee Company in The Pearl District Reviews and Opinions

The Sisters Coffee Company in The Pearl District is a stylish and clean cafe with friendly staff, making it worth a visit. The ambience is inviting and the service is attentive, with baristas taking the time to ask for the correct spelling of your name, showing their care and attention to detail. I appreciate that they incorporate latte art even in to-go cups.

The decaf lattes are surprisingly enjoyable, making it a great spot for those looking for a non-caffeinated evening drink. The cafe tends to be busy during morning hours, but it tapers off throughout the day, accommodating different crowds, including those who come to work.

The high ceilings and two levels of seating give the place a unique vibe, and the outdoor seating adds to its charm. The staff are super friendly and engage in conversations with the locals, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The coffee is described as strong, with a preference for more fruity flavors, although still enjoyable.

The service is excellent, and there is always a place to sit, making it a convenient and comfortable spot for visitors. The hot chocolate is also praised for its delicious flavors. The breakfast sandwiches are highly recommended, and the shop is nicely decorated with an inviting ambiance.

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Despite the changes due to Covid, the cafe has adapted responsibly by adjusting its outdoor seating, ensuring the safety and comfort of its customers. Overall, it is seen as a great spot to hang out with family or friends, and a go-to coffee shop for locals, offering great coffee and a welcoming environment.

My experience at Sisters Coffee Company was positive due to the stylish ambiance, friendly staff, and enjoyable coffee offerings. The cafe’s responsible approach during Covid and its consistent quality make it a recommended stop for visitors to Portland.

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