Starbucks Reviews And Opinions

Starbucks, located at 933 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, is a popular coffee shop destination that offers a wide range of coffee and tea-based beverages, as well as snacks and light meals. The shop is conveniently located and easily accessible, making it a go-to spot for both locals and visitors in the area.

The business hours are as follows:

  • Sunday: 6AM-8PM
  • Monday: 5:30AM-8PM
  • Tuesday: 5:30AM-8PM
  • Wednesday: 5:30AM-8PM
  • Thursday: 5:30AM-8PM
  • Friday: 5:30AM-8PM
  • Saturday: 6AM-8PM

  • With its early morning opening times, it provides an ideal opportunity for individuals to kick start their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a breakfast option. The shop’s extended hours also allow customers to enjoy their offerings throughout the day and into the evening, catering to various schedules and preferences.

    The ambiance at Starbucks is welcoming and cozy, providing a comfortable setting for patrons to relax, catch up with friends, or focus on work. The interior decor is tastefully designed, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers to unwind and enjoy their drinks.

    The menu features an array of coffee selections, including popular favorites such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, all crafted by skilled baristas. Additionally, the shop offers various tea options and refreshing iced beverages, catering to different taste preferences.

    Customers have praised the quality of the drinks and the efficient service provided by the staff, contributing to the positive reputation of the establishment. With an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, Starbucks continues to attract a steady flow of satisfied customers who appreciate the consistency and flavor of their offerings.

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    Overall, Starbucks on Elmwood Ave stands as a beloved coffee shop in Buffalo, NY, known for its convenient location, diverse menu, and welcoming atmosphere, making it a preferred destination for a fulfilling coffee experience.

    Starbucks Reviews And Opinions
    CALL: +1 716-882-5440

    Address: 933 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222, United States

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    Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

    Based on the visitor reviews of Starbucks, the sentiment seems to be a mix of positive and negative experiences. The general sentiment leans more towards dissatisfaction with the evolving atmosphere and less personal interaction within the coffee shop.

    The first review describes the Starbucks location as having awesome cake pops, good coffee, and hardworking staff, but also notes that it’s usually busy. However, the service is praised as top-notch, indicating overall satisfaction with the products and service.

    In contrast, another reviewer expresses disappointment in the changing experience at Starbucks. They reminisce about the days when baristas and customers knew each other, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for casual conversations. The shift towards a more transactional approach, with minimal personal interaction, has led to decreased satisfaction and reduced frequency of visits.

    Despite the negative feedback, there are still positive remarks about the coffee and service. A customer highlights the fantastic coffee and great service, even when visiting close to closing time. This suggests that the quality of the products and the dedication of the staff remain consistent and admirable.

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    Another reviewer mentions being a frequent Starbucks customer, appreciating the consistently flavorful coffee and the extended opening hours, emphasizing the positive aspects of the experience.

    Lastly, a former regular customer of a specific Starbucks location expresses fondness for the place, despite moving away. The recent updates, such as a screen to check order status, are commended, indicating a positive reaction to modernizations to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, the employees’ successful vote to form a union is celebrated, showing support and recognition for the staff’s hard work.

    While there are criticisms regarding the evolving atmosphere and reduced personal interactions, the positive sentiments toward the coffee quality, service, and specific store updates highlight that there are still aspects of Starbucks that customers appreciate.

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