Starbucks Reviews And Opinions

Starbucks is a popular coffee shop located at 24125 Hemlock Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92557. Boasting a solid 4 out of 5 average rating, the café has garnered a loyal customer base for its quality beverages and inviting atmosphere. The contact number for inquiries or orders is +1 951-332-9700.

Operating Hours:
The coffee shop opens its doors early every day to cater to early risers and stays open until late at night. Operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 4:30AM-10:30PM
  • Saturday: 4:30AM-10:30PM
  • Sunday: 5AM-10:30PM

  • Atmosphere and Ambiance:
    Upon entry, guests are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warm, inviting ambiance designed for relaxation and socialization. The shop’s layout offers both cozy corners for solitude and communal tables for group gatherings.

    Menu and Offerings:
    Starbucks features an extensive menu with a variety of coffee and tea selections, as well as a range of pastries and light bites that pair perfectly with the beverages. The baristas are known for their expertise in crafting the perfect cup of coffee, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience for patrons.

    Customer Service:
    The attentive and friendly staff strive to provide excellent customer service, contributing to the welcoming environment that keeps customers coming back. They are knowledgeable about the menu offerings and are always ready to assist with recommendations or customizations.

    Situated at a prime location in Moreno Valley, the café is easily accessible, making it a convenient stop for locals and passersby alike.

    Starbucks continues to be a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking a reliable and enjoyable coffee shop experience.

    Starbucks Reviews And Opinions
    CALL: +1 951-332-9700

    Address: 24125 Hemlock Ave, Moreno Valley, CA 92557

    Opening Hours of Starbucks



    Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

    As a coffee enthusiast, I recently visited Starbucks and encountered a mix of experiences. The overall sentiment from the reviews is quite positive, reflecting the friendly and engaging environment. The staff’s ability to make customers feel like friends received high praise, with one patron expressing their admiration for the team’s positivity and resilience despite encountering rude customers.

    I also observed some dissatisfaction regarding the quality of the matcha drinks. One customer expressed disappointment about receiving a less-than-full cup, while another mentioned that both their iced and hot matcha lattes lacked flavor. Concerns were raised about consistency in the preparation of the beverages, urging the establishment to ensure the correct amount of matcha is used in every serving.

    However, amidst these concerns, there were shining moments. A standout mention was made for Jazlyn, a staff member who provided exceptional customer service. The personalized and attentive interaction significantly enhanced the experience for one guest, earning Jazlyn praise and gratitude for her kindness and energy.

    While the reviews indicate positive aspects, there were also mentions of shortcomings in stock availability and food options. Some visitors voiced frustration over not being able to find their preferred food items, leading to settling for alternatives. Overall, the coffee quality was mentioned as a positive aspect, but there were specific instances where the drinks did not meet expectations.

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    The majority of the reviews reflect a positive sentiment toward Starbucks, emphasizing the warmth of the staff and the pleasant atmosphere. However, the inconsistency in drink quality and stock availability are notable areas for improvement. With a 4 out of 5 average rating, Starbucks has a strong foundation to build upon, and I anticipate the potential for a consistently exceptional experience in future visits.

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