Starbucks Reviews And Opinions

Starbucks, located at 1855 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204, is a popular coffee shop known for its cozy ambiance and wide range of beverages. With a contact number of +1 480-633-6643, the store operates from Monday to Sunday. Its operating hours are as follows: Monday to Thursday from 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM, Friday from 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM, Saturday from 5 AM to 9:30 PM, and Sunday from 5 AM to 9:30 PM.

The welcoming atmosphere at Starbucks makes it a favorite spot for many locals and visitors. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, creating an inviting and comforting environment for customers to relax and enjoy their drinks. The staff is known for their friendly and attentive service, adding to the overall pleasant experience.

The coffee shop offers an extensive menu, catering to various preferences. From classic espresso beverages to seasonal specials, there is something for every coffee enthusiast. Additionally, their selection of teas, refreshers, and bakery items provides customers with plenty of options to choose from.

Starbucks has garnered a commendable average rating of 4.1 out of 5, reflecting the satisfaction of its patrons. Customers often praise the quality of the drinks, the consistency of the service, and the convenience of the location. The positive feedback highlights the establishment’s commitment to delivering a delightful coffeehouse experience.

Conveniently situated in Mesa, the Starbucks branch at 1855 S Stapley Dr serves as a go-to destination for individuals seeking a well-crafted cup of coffee or tea. Whether it’s a quick stop for a morning pick-me-up or a leisurely visit to unwind, this coffee shop aims to provide a space where guests can savor their favorite beverages. Overall, Starbucks continues to be a beloved establishment for coffee aficionados in the area.

Starbucks Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 480-633-6643

Address: 1855 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

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Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

I visited Starbucks recently and found the atmosphere to be great for working. The spacious layout with high ceilings and individual tables with outlets underneath was inspiring. The music was just right, not too loud to distract but enough to create a pleasant ambiance.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good experience with my coffee order. The tall coffee I received was only 3/4″ full and not made extra hot as requested. This was disappointing, especially for the price of $5.50.

My return to Starbucks after several months was marred by another disappointing experience. Despite ordering a hot coffee with cream and sugar, I received only black coffee. It’s disheartening when a simple order isn’t fulfilled correctly.

On a more positive note, the staff at this Starbucks is consistently friendly and in a good mood. Their demeanor adds to the overall experience, and I appreciate it. The coffee itself is always enjoyable.

However, I encountered an issue with the cashier during my recent visit. I had some questions about cup sizes, and despite being one of the few customers in the shop, I received a hard time from the cashier. This experience left a negative impression.

Starbucks has its strengths, such as a great atmosphere and friendly staff. However, there are notable issues with accuracy in fulfilling orders and customer service. The overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 may not fully capture the mixed experiences that customers like me have had.

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