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Starbucks, located at 220 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301, is a popular coffee shop known for its wide range of coffee blends and cozy atmosphere. The business can be contacted at +1 661-714-5196 and operates from 7 AM to 8 PM throughout the week.

The ambiance at Starbucks is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot for meeting friends, studying, or simply unwinding with a good book. The interior is tastefully decorated and provides ample seating for patrons to relax and enjoy their beverages.

The menu at Starbucks offers a diverse selection of coffee drinks, ranging from classic espresso-based beverages to seasonal specialties. In addition to coffee, the establishment also serves a variety of teas, hot chocolates, and other non-caffeinated options. The food menu features pastries, sandwiches, and snacks, providing ample choices for customers looking to pair their drinks with a bite to eat.

The service at Starbucks is generally efficient, with friendly staff members ready to assist customers with their orders. Although there may be occasional wait times during peak hours, the overall service quality is satisfactory.

One notable aspect of Starbucks is its convenient location in Inglewood, making it easily accessible to local residents and visitors alike. The operating hours from 7 AM to 8 PM provide flexibility for customers to drop by at their convenience throughout the day.

Customers have consistently rated their experience at Starbucks with an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars, reflecting a generally positive impression of the coffee shop. While some patrons praise the quality of the beverages and the welcoming atmosphere, others have provided feedback on areas for potential improvement, such as service speed during busy periods.

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Overall, Starbucks offers a welcoming environment, a diverse menu of coffee and tea options, and a convenient location, making it a go-to destination for individuals seeking a relaxing coffee experience in Inglewood.

CALL: +1 661-714-5196

Address: 220 N La Brea Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301

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Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

Based on the reviews provided, it appears that the Starbucks coffee shop has received mixed feedback from customers. The sentiment analysis reveals both positive and negative aspects of the service.

Negative: The reviews highlight the issue of understaffing, indicating that the coffee shop is often unable to provide efficient service due to a lack of sufficient personnel. Additionally, the comment about early closures due to staff availability indicates a potential inconsistency in operating hours, which can be frustrating for customers seeking a reliable and convenient experience.

However, despite these challenges, the staff members are described as pleasant and accommodating, suggesting that the customer service aspect of the experience is generally positive. This positive aspect could contribute to the average rating of 3.5 out of 5, indicating that while there are drawbacks, customers still find value in the overall experience.

Positive: One of the reviews expresses satisfaction with the drive-thru service, describing it as the best in terms of efficiency and convenience. This positive feedback indicates that certain aspects of the service, particularly the drive-thru option, are meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Overall, the sentiment analysis presents a nuanced picture of the Starbucks coffee shop. While the issues of understaffing and potential early closures are highlighted as areas for improvement, the positive feedback regarding the drive-thru service and the pleasant demeanor of the staff suggest that there are elements of the customer experience that are indeed commendable. It is important for Starbucks to address the concerns raised in the reviews, particularly those related to staffing and operational consistency, in order to enhance the overall customer satisfaction and improve the rating.

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