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Starbucks, located at 12051 Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650, is a renowned coffee shop that has become a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts and casual customers alike. The business prides itself on its inviting atmosphere, high-quality beverages, and excellent customer service.

The coffee shop’s location offers convenience and accessibility to the local community, drawing in a steady stream of patrons throughout the week. With operating hours from 8 AM to 8 PM every day, Starbucks provides a welcoming environment for individuals looking to start their day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or wind down in the evening with a flavorful beverage.

Starbucks has established a stellar reputation for its diverse menu, featuring an array of hot and cold drinks to cater to different preferences. From classic espresso-based beverages to refreshing frappuccinos and seasonal specials, there is something to satisfy every craving. Moreover, the shop also offers a selection of delectable pastries and snacks, making it an ideal spot for quick bites and light meals.

Upon entering Starbucks, visitors are greeted by a comforting aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and a cozy ambiance that encourages relaxation and socializing. The well-trained staff members are known for their friendly demeanor and dedication to ensuring that every customer has a pleasant experience.

The overall consensus among patrons is overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Customers frequently commend the coffee shop for its consistency, flavor profiles, and efficient service. Whether it’s for a quick pick-me-up during the workday or a leisurely catch-up with friends, Starbucks has firmly established itself as a beloved fixture in the local community.

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Starbucks stands as a reputable and beloved coffee shop in Norwalk, offering a delightful assortment of beverages and treats amidst a welcoming setting. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified its status as a must-visit destination for coffee lovers.

CALL: +1 562-409-5036

Address: 12051 Imperial Hwy., Norwalk, CA 90650

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Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

I visited the Starbucks located inside Target and was pleasantly surprised by the cozy ambiance and excellent service. The staff members were friendly and accommodating, even going the extra mile to prepare delicious Secret Menu items. The clean and organized lobby provided a great environment for enjoying my drink and engaging in conversation. Overall, I had a fantastic experience at this Starbucks.

One of the highlights for me was the impeccable execution of my detailed coffee orders, which were consistently perfect. The customer service was top-notch, with the staff making an effort to connect with patrons and provide a welcoming atmosphere. The level of service here surpassed that of other corporate Starbucks locations, earning my high praise. It’s no wonder that I find myself visiting this Starbucks nearly every day while running errands at Target. The quality of service and drinks here is truly exceptional.

Even though I’m not a regular coffee drinker, I found the strawberry lemonade refresher to be refreshing and reminiscent of summer. Despite the absence of music during my visit and the limited seating, the positive vibes and consistent customer traffic indicated that this Starbucks inside Target is a popular spot for many.

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While some might have expectations for a drive-through, it’s important to note that this location doesn’t offer one. Nevertheless, the friendly and helpful demeanor of the staff adds to the appeal of the place. The assertiveness of the manager in managing the line and keeping customers informed was commendable and contributed to a positive experience during my visit. The girls working here are super-friendly and make the atmosphere very enjoyable.

My visit to this Starbucks inside Target left me thoroughly impressed. The combination of exceptional customer service and delightful beverages makes it a standout coffee shop worthy of repeated visits. If you’re looking for a welcoming and pleasant environment to enjoy your coffee, I highly recommend stopping by this Starbucks.

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