Sunergos Coffee Reviews And Opinions

Sunergos Coffee is a bustling coffee shop located at 306 W Woodlawn Ave, Louisville, KY 40214, United States. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, it has become a popular haunt for locals and visitors alike. The shop’s contact number is +1 502-368-2820.

Operating hours are as follows: Sunday: 7:30AM-7PM, Monday: 6:30AM-7PM, Tuesday: 6:30AM-7PM, Wednesday: 6:30AM-7PM, Thursday: 6:30AM-7PM, Friday: 6:30AM-7PM, and Saturday: 7:30AM-7PM.

Upon entering Sunergos Coffee, customers are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the friendly faces of the staff. The cozy interior is adorned with rustic decor, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for patrons to enjoy their favorite brews.

The coffee menu boasts an impressive selection of artisanal blends, featuring everything from robust espressos to delicate pour-over options. In addition to their exceptional coffee offerings, the shop also provides a variety of delectable pastries and light bites, perfect for pairing with a hot cup of coffee.

The customer experience at Sunergos Coffee is highly rated, with an average score of 4.7 out of 5. Customers praise the shop for its top-notch service, inviting ambiance, and, above all, the superb quality of its coffee. Whether it’s for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely catch-up with friends, Sunergos Coffee has proven to be a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts.

Located in a bustling neighborhood, Sunergos Coffee serves as a community hub, attracting a diverse array of patrons throughout the day. Its convenient location and extensive hours make it an ideal spot for both morning commuters and evening gatherings.

Sunergos Coffee stands out as a quintessential coffee shop in Louisville, offering exceptional brews, delightful treats, and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.

Sunergos Coffee Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 502-368-2820

Address: 306 W Woodlawn Ave, Louisville, KY 40214, United States

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Sunergos Coffee Reviews and Opinions

I visited Sunergos Coffee and was pleasantly surprised. The espresso and Bolivian roast were both delicious, especially when served on a Redeye. The presentation, with the espresso served with a spoon and soda chaser in a wooden tray, added to the experience. The visit to their roasting room was also a highlight, providing a distraction that made me regret not taking a picture.

The love for Sunergos was evident in the bustling atmosphere of the Kentuckiana shops. The lattes, especially the caramel latte, surpassed those of big chains by a landslide due to the well-roasted beans. The freshness and fragrance of the beans were consistent, making it difficult to pick a favorite. The casual feel of the stores added to the overall appeal.

The cozy vibe of the shop and the artfully presented Caramel Latte left a lasting impression. The experience of having coffee art for the first time was delightful, adding to the enjoyment of the drink.

Visiting Sunergos was long overdue, and the laid-back vibe and delicious coffee did not disappoint. The variety of beans and coffee equipment available for purchase added to the charm. The friendly staff and great service further enhanced the experience.

Sunergos stands out as a coffee gem in Louisville. Their range of traditional coffee options, including Nicaraguan, Tanzanian, Brazilian, and Ethiopian, offered unique flavors and textures. The caramel latte was recommended for those who prefer a sweeter option. Additionally, the drop biscuits and cookies were highlighted as favorites, perfect for accompanying coffee or as take-away treats.

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In conclusion, Sunergos Coffee exceeded my expectations and has become one of my top 3 coffee shops in the country. The delicious drinks, cozy atmosphere, and friendly service make it a must-visit for any coffee enthusiast.

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