The Roasterie Factory Cafe Reviews And Opinions

The Roasterie Factory Cafe, situated at 1204 W 27th St, Kansas City, MO 64108, is a popular coffee shop in the heart of the city. Renowned for its artisanal coffee and inviting atmosphere, it has become a favored spot for locals and visitors alike. The cafe’s contact number is +1 816-931-4000, and its operating hours are Sunday: 8AM-4PM, Monday to Friday: 7AM-5PM, and Saturday: 8AM-4PM.

The Roasterie Factory Cafe values quality and excellence, evident in its delectable array of coffee beverages and delectable pastries. The rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans welcomes patrons as they step through the doors, adding to the warm and inviting ambiance. The cafe’s skilled baristas are dedicated to creating the perfect cup of coffee for each guest, ensuring a consistently exceptional experience.

The cafe’s interior is thoughtfully designed, with comfortable seating options and ample natural light, providing an ideal setting for both relaxation and productivity. The welcoming staff members further enhance the overall customer experience, offering friendly and efficient service with every visit.

Visitors to The Roasterie Factory Cafe appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to quality that permeate every aspect of the establishment. As a result, the cafe has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.6 out of 5, indicative of the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received from satisfied customers.

In addition to its exceptional coffee and welcoming ambiance, the cafe also hosts regular events such as open mic nights and local artist showcases, further enriching the cultural tapestry of the community. Whether patrons seek a quiet space to work or a convivial gathering place with friends, The Roasterie Factory Cafe offers a delightful retreat in the heart of Kansas City.

The Roasterie Factory Cafe Reviews and Opinions

I recently visited The Roasterie Factory Cafe and I must say, it was a really cool experience. The building itself is impressive, especially with the giant repurposed twin propeller cargo plane on the roof. The staff were friendly and accommodating, which added to the positive atmosphere.

Unfortunately, my options were limited as I can only have decaf. Despite this, I found the Italian soda I ordered to be underwhelming. However, the enticing smells in the building left a lasting impression on me.

I was very impressed with the tour I took at the factory. It was not only a great value but also provided a deep insight into the origins of coffee, the roasting process, and the final products. The staff take their coffee seriously, and it definitely shows. Special mention to Eric for making the experience unforgettable with his passion and knowledge about coffee. The Nitro cold brew was absolutely delightful, and I even brought home some bags of beans as souvenirs.

The baristas at The Roasterie Factory Cafe are very particular and handcrafted the coffee perfectly. The coffee cupping experience was unique and enjoyable, and the variety of pours, including experimental and staple batches, was impressive.

The aesthetics of the cafe, from the design to the seating areas and the event room, all contributed to a wonderful experience. The availability of free samples and the free guided tour of the warehouse and production facility added immense value to my visit.

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Overall, my experience at The Roasterie Factory Cafe was truly above average, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique coffee experience. The combination of the great coffee, informative tour, and welcoming atmosphere make it a place worth visiting again.

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