Tim Hortons Reviews And Opinions

Located at 7920 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14301, Tim Hortons is a popular coffee shop in the area. With an operating hours schedule that accommodates early risers and those looking to grab a cup of coffee later in the day, Tim Hortons opens its doors at 6:30 AM from Monday to Saturday and at 7:30 AM on Sundays, closing at 7 PM every day except for Sundays when it closes at 7 PM.

Tim Hortons is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. Upon entering the coffee shop, customers are greeted with the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and the friendly baristas who are always ready to take orders with a smile. The shop’s efficient service has garnered positive feedback from patrons.

The menu at Tim Hortons offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks, catering to diverse tastes. From their signature coffee blends to specialty beverages, customers can find the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day. Additionally, the shop also offers a selection of breakfast and lunch options, providing an opportunity for patrons to enjoy a quick bite alongside their beverage.

With an average rating of 4 out of 5, Tim Hortons has received consistent praise for its quality offerings and pleasant ambiance. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the overall experience, citing the well-prepared beverages and tasty food items as highlights of their visit to the coffee shop.

Visitors to Tim Hortons can expect a convenient location, situated on a bustling boulevard in Niagara Falls, as well as ample parking. The shop’s contact number, +1 716-283-7884, is readily available for inquiries or orders.

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Tim Hortons is a beloved establishment in the community, offering a warm and inviting space to enjoy a range of delectable beverages and treats, making it a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts and those looking for a quick, satisfying meal.

Tim Hortons Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 716-283-7884

Address: 7920 Niagara Falls Blvd, Niagara Falls, NY 14301

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Tim Hortons Reviews and Opinions

I visited Tim Hortons for the first time, and it was a great experience. The drinks and coffees were very good, and I particularly enjoyed the donuts and breakfast wraps. It was convenient that everything was put together by the staff. Although this location was inside a gas station and lacked a drive-thru, ordering ahead and picking up inside was easy.

The Timbits were soft and fresh, and the Strawberry Coconut Coolers were tasty. The service was excellent, with the staff being kind and helpful. I highly recommend this place.

However, one negative experience stood out. My order was incorrect, and the cashier responded with attitude instead of offering assistance. This led to an unpleasant confrontation between the cashier and the cook, resulting in my food being cold. This was disappointing, especially since the place had been recommended to me during my visit to Niagara Falls. I felt that the experience did not live up to the expectations set by the recommendation.

Furthermore, I learned that some of the food items are shipped in frozen, which contradicted the claim of everything being fresh. This caused some disappointment as I had higher expectations for the quality of the food.

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On the positive side, I did enjoy the presence of friendly staff during my visit, and the timbits I ordered were nice. Despite the negatives, I still found the overall experience at Tim Hortons to be good and enjoyable.

Tim Hortons Niagara Falls Reviews

As someone who often travels to Niagara Falls, I make a point to read Tim Hortons Niagara Falls reviews before my visit. These reviews generally highlight the delightful pastries, robust coffee, and the amiable nature of the staff. Tourists and locals alike seem to appreciate the convenient location of this branch, which complements their Niagara Falls experience. It’s reassuring to see that Tim Hortons maintains its reputation for quality and service even in a tourist-heavy location such as Niagara Falls.

My visit to Tim Hortons was a mix of positive and negative experiences. I appreciated the quality of the beverages, the friendliness of the staff, and the convenience of ordering ahead. However, the issues with the order accuracy and the realization that some food items are not made in-house were a letdown. Overall, I found the experience at Tim Hortons to be good, but there is room for improvement in certain areas.

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