Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center Reviews And Opinions

Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center is a charming coffee shop located at 168 Central Park Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. The establishment can be contacted via phone at +1 757-228-3907. The coffee shop operates from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturdays, and 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Sundays.

The coffee shop has built a strong reputation for its high-quality cold-pressed juices, as well as its meticulously crafted coffee beverages. The comfortable and inviting atmosphere of the shop makes it an ideal spot for friends to gather or individuals to relax and enjoy a peaceful moment.

Customers appreciate the convenience of the location at the heart of Virginia Beach’s bustling Town Center. As a result, many visitors often make it their go-to spot for a quick caffeine fix or refreshing juice during a busy day. The shop’s central location has contributed significantly to its popularity among locals and tourists alike, making it a cornerstone of the community.

The shop’s operating hours are particularly accommodating, with early openings during the week to cater to those who need a morning boost before work. Furthermore, the extended hours on weekends enable customers to take advantage of the shop’s offerings throughout the day.

With an average rating of 4.1 out of 5, Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center has garnered praise for its friendly and attentive customer service, as well as the consistently great quality of its products. Customers have highlighted the refreshing taste of the cold-pressed juices and the expertly prepared coffee drinks, creating a loyal and satisfied clientele.

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Overall, Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center stands out as a popular destination for those seeking top-notch cold-pressed juices and coffee beverages in a welcoming and convenient setting.

Town Center Cold Pressed - Virginia Beach Town Center
CALL: +1 757-228-3907

Address: 168 Central Park Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Opening Hours of Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center



Town Center Cold Pressed – Virginia Beach Town Center Reviews and Opinions

My visit to Town Center Cold Pressed in Virginia Beach Town Center was a mix of positive and negative experiences. On my first visit, I was treated poorly by a new employee and felt compelled to leave a scathing review. However, on returning at 7:30 am, the staff’s friendliness and the delicious food and coffee completely turned my mood around. It seems that early morning might be the sweet spot for this place, as the staff were delightful and in a great mood.

The coffee at Town Center Cold Pressed is undeniably good, and the friendly staff made the experience enjoyable. The half lox bagel, although initially unexpected, turned out to be tasty, with a nice touch of nori flakes. However, the use of single ply toilet paper was noted as odd in an otherwise great establishment.

Despite the earlier issues, I had an absolutely fantastic experience during my visit, interacting with an eclectic clientele and a superb staff. The varied atmosphere and the opportunity to engage with fellow patrons made for a memorable time.

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While the service and atmosphere were generally commendable, my experience was dampened by a significant mix-up with my order during a subsequent visit. Despite spending a substantial amount and contacting the shop about the error, there was no response or resolution, leaving me disappointed and unlikely to revisit.

Overall, despite the exceptional coffee and welcoming atmosphere, the inconsistency in service and the lack of responsiveness to customer concerns detracted from what could have been consistently positive experiences at Town Center Cold Pressed.

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