Travellers House Coffee And Tea Reviews And Opinions

Travellers House Coffee and Tea is a quaint and cozy coffee shop nestled in the heart of Springfield, Missouri. The shop is conveniently located at 2151 W Republic Rd, making it easily accessible to both locals and visitors alike. The establishment prides itself on providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their favorite beverages and unwind.

The coffee shop’s contact number, +1 417-720-4640, serves as a direct line for customers to inquire about the menu or place orders for pickup. Travellers House Coffee and Tea operates during the weekdays from 6AM to 7PM, offering early risers and evening goers the opportunity to savor a freshly brewed cup of coffee. On Saturdays, the shop extends its hours from 8AM to 5PM, accommodating those looking for a leisurely weekend caffeine fix. However, the shop remains closed on Sundays, allowing the staff to recharge for the week ahead.

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, Travellers House Coffee and Tea has garnered a loyal following due to its exceptional service and top-notch beverages. Whether it’s a rich, velvety latte or a fragrant, robust black tea, the shop caters to a diverse range of tastes. The menu features an array of handcrafted drinks, including specialty coffees, teas, and seasonal delights. Furthermore, guests can complement their beverages with delectable pastries and light snacks available for purchase.

The ambiance of the coffee shop is characterized by its welcoming decor and comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot for catching up with friends, studying, or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility. The staff at Travellers House Coffee and Tea are known for their friendly and attentive service, ensuring that every customer feels valued and appreciated.

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Overall, Travellers House Coffee and Tea stands as a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts and those seeking a relaxing retreat in Springfield. Its commitment to quality and hospitality continues to make it a cherished gem within the local community.

Travellers House Coffee And Tea
CALL: +1 417-720-4640

Address: 2151 W Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65807

Opening Hours of Travellers House Coffee and Tea



Travellers House Coffee and Tea Reviews and Opinions

Travellers House Coffee and Tea is a super cute spot perfect for a coffee date or getting work done. The service is very friendly, the food is delicious, and the coffee is great. The atmosphere is clean and pleasant, making it highly recommended for anyone looking for a cozy place.

I recently visited the branch for the first time with a friend and instantly fell in love with it, much like I did with their other branch near Missouri State University. The coffee and sweet treats were thoroughly enjoyable, leaving a lasting impression on both of us.

The ambiance at Travellers House is cozy and clean, with friendly staff to top it off. The fireplace and comfy chairs add to the inviting atmosphere, making it a great location to meet up with friends or have small gatherings.

The baristas are top-notch and incredibly friendly, making it a delight to visit the coffee shop. I was impressed by the regular coffee, and their macchiato is deemed the best in Springfield, Missouri, and possibly even in southern Missouri.

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With a new location set to open in September 2018, the spacious setup at the coffee shop is perfect for hanging out or studying. It’s definitely a place I plan on coming back to, especially given that they have the best chicken salad and a fantastic mac and cheese.

I strongly believe that Travellers House Coffee and Tea is the best coffee shop in town. Not only is the coffee exceptional, but the food and ambiance make it an ideal spot for meetings, dates, or just hanging out. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend paying them a visit.

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