Viva Espresso Organics Reviews And Opinions

Viva Espresso Organics is a renowned coffee shop nestled in the heart of Salinas, CA. Located at 1552 N Main St, it has become a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. With its warm and inviting ambiance, it provides the perfect setting for patrons to savor their favorite brews.

The coffee shop consistently garners an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5, reflecting the exceptional quality of its offerings and service. Whether customers are seeking a quick morning pick-me-up or a tranquil space to unwind, Viva Espresso Organics caters to all preferences. The shop strikes a harmonious balance between a cozy atmosphere and a bustling social hub.

Operating under convenient hours, Viva Espresso Organics accommodates early risers and night owls alike. The shop opens its doors at 6 AM from Monday to Friday, extending its operation until 7 PM. On weekends, it welcomes guests from 7 AM to 8 PM, allowing for leisurely indulgence on Saturdays and Sundays.

At Viva Espresso Organics, coffee aficionados can delight in an array of meticulously crafted organic blends. From rich and robust espressos to velvety lattes, the menu boasts a diverse selection to cater to varying palates. Additionally, the shop offers delectable pastries and light bites to complement the delightful beverages.

Furthermore, the customer service at Viva Espresso Organics is highly regarded, with friendly and attentive staff members who are dedicated to ensuring a memorable experience for every visitor. The impeccable service adds to the overall appeal of the establishment, fostering a sense of loyalty among its clientele.

Viva Espresso Organics stands as a beacon of excellence in the local coffee scene, earning accolades for its top-tier beverages, welcoming ambiance, and outstanding customer service. It continues to be a cherished destination for those seeking a genuine and satisfying coffee shop experience in Salinas, CA.

Viva Espresso Organics Reviews and Opinions

I recently visited Viva Espresso Organics with my husband on our way back to the bay. The lack of a public bathroom was a major downside for us as we had been in the car for hours. The espresso was described as mega strong and bitter, which may not be suitable for everyone, but great for espresso lovers. It was disappointing that there was no sugar or other condiments readily available. On the upside, the ladies at the counter were sweet and helpful.

The interior of the shop was easy to navigate, especially during non-peak hours, and it had a relaxed atmosphere with mild background music and high top tables. However, the outdoor seating was not preferable due to the busy plaza with cars driving by.

One negative experience was when I called ahead multiple times but received no answer, only to be told upon arrival that they don’t answer the phones until they have extra staff. This seemed unnecessary given the low customer volume at the time. That being said, I’ve generally found the customer service here to be acceptable.

The overall sentiment from many visitors is positive, with recommendations for specific menu items and praise for the quality of the coffee. The Oaxacan Coffee has been widely praised for its exceptional flavor. Some customers appreciated the efficient service, noteworthy background music, and a calming atmosphere. The consensus seems to be that Viva Espresso Organics offers incredible coffee and is well worth a visit, even if it’s slightly out of the way.

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Despite some drawbacks such as the lack of readily available condiments and the inconvenience of the bathroom situation, Viva Espresso Organics appears to be a popular choice for those seeking high-quality coffee in a relaxed setting. If you find yourself anywhere near Salinas, it seems like a place to visit for a satisfying coffee experience.

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