Peaks Coffee Company Reviews And Opinions

Peaks Coffee Company is a charming coffee shop located at 1200 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, it has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. The shop’s contact number is +1 315-422-2748, and its operating hours are as follows: Sunday: 8AM-3PM, Monday: Closed, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 7AM-3PM, Thursday: 7AM-3PM, Friday: 7AM-3PM, Saturday: 8AM-3PM.

The coffee shop offers a wide variety of freshly brewed coffees, specialty lattes, and decadent pastries. The menu caters to different tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Patrons can also indulge in a selection of light bites and sandwiches that perfectly complement the beverages.

The friendly and attentive staff at Peaks Coffee Company strives to provide exceptional service, making each visit a delightful experience. The shop’s cozy interior and comfortable seating create an ideal setting for catching up with friends, enjoying a quiet moment alone, or even getting some work done.

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, Peaks Coffee Company has garnered praise for its top-notch quality and consistency. Customers rave about the rich flavors of the coffee, the mouthwatering pastries, and the overall ambiance of the establishment. The positive reviews and glowing recommendations from patrons have contributed to the coffee shop’s stellar reputation.

In addition to serving delectable beverages and treats, Peaks Coffee Company also hosts special events and live music performances, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the community. Whether it’s a weekend brunch or a midweek pick-me-up, the coffee shop continues to attract a steady flow of customers who appreciate its offerings and hospitality.

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For those seeking a memorable coffee experience in Syracuse, Peaks Coffee Company stands out as a must-visit destination, providing a haven for coffee enthusiasts and anyone in search of a welcoming environment to savor their favorite brews.

Peaks Coffee Company Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 315-422-2748

Address: 1200 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13210

Opening Hours of Peaks Coffee Company



Peaks Coffee Company Reviews and Opinions

I visited Peaks Coffee Company, a coffee shop with an exceptional 4.7 out of 5 rating. The general sentiment from the reviews is overwhelmingly positive. The atmosphere is described as great and chill, with friendly and helpful baristas. Visitors appreciate the spacious seating and the cute merchandise and decor. The variety of drink options and delicious food items received high praise, particularly the vegan pumpkin scone and avocado toast. Some visitors noted personalized experiences, including a great start to their birthday and excellent coffees made by particular staff members.

The feedback on the drinks varied. While the oat cortado was described as overly acidic for some, the drip coffee and lattes were appreciated for their smoothness and flavor. The iced americano was deemed strong, catering to those who prefer a bolder coffee taste. When it came to service, opinions were mixed, with mentions of both friendly and dry interactions. The setting is noted to be simple and modern, with indoor and outdoor seating available. Customers are advised to bring a sweater due to the slightly colder indoor temperature.

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The matcha at Peaks Coffee Company is highlighted for its great quality, and the everything avocado toast is highly recommended. The cafe’s seasonal drinks receive special mention, showcasing a commitment to offering diverse and exciting options. Parking availability on the street is seen as a convenient factor for visitors.

Overall, the sentiment expressed in the reviews is overwhelmingly positive, with highlighted aspects including the atmosphere, food offerings, and the quality of beverages. The few criticisms, such as the strength of certain drinks and the occasional mixed service experience, are balanced out by the numerous positive remarks. Peaks Coffee Company appears to be a standout coffee shop with a loyal customer base and a strong reputation for delivering a welcoming and enjoyable experience for patrons.

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