Thump Coffee Downtown Reviews And Opinions

Thump Coffee Downtown is a popular coffee shop located at 25 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend, OR 97701. The shop can be contacted at +1 541-647-2284 and operates with convenient hours, opening at 6 AM on weekdays and 7 AM on weekends, and closing at 5:30 PM Monday to Saturday and at 4:30 PM on Sundays.

Upon stepping into Thump Coffee Downtown, customers are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The interior is cozy, with comfortable seating arrangements, providing the perfect setting for catching up with friends or enjoying some alone time. The decor is modern yet rustic, exuding a charming ambiance that aligns perfectly with the Bend area’s vibe.

The specialty at Thump Coffee Downtown is, of course, their coffee. They proudly serve expertly crafted espresso drinks using high-quality, locally roasted beans. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, from classic lattes and cappuccinos to unique house specialties, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every customer’s coffee cravings. Additionally, they provide non-coffee options, such as teas and refreshing cold brews, catering to a diverse clientele.

In addition to their exceptional drinks, Thump Coffee Downtown also offers a selection of delectable pastries and light bites. The pastries are freshly baked, and the menu features an array of options, including croissants, muffins, and cookies, providing the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of coffee.

Customers have consistently praised the attentive and friendly staff, noting their dedication to providing excellent service and creating a welcoming environment for all visitors. The team’s passion for coffee is evident in their extensive knowledge and willingness to assist customers in finding their perfect brew.

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Thump Coffee Downtown has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5, reflecting the high level of satisfaction among its patrons. Whether it’s for a morning pick-me-up, a midday break, or a casual meet-up, this charming coffee shop continues to be a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

Thump Coffee Downtown Reviews And Opinions
CALL: +1 541-647-2284

Address: 25 NW Minnesota Ave, Bend, OR 97701

Opening Hours of Thump Coffee Downtown



Thump Coffee Downtown Reviews and Opinions

I recently visited Thump Coffee Downtown, and it was a delightful experience for my coffee-loving soul. The cozy atmosphere and top-notch coffee make it an ideal spot to relax and indulge in flavorful creations.

The coffee is excellent here, with expertly roasted beans that result in a rich and smooth flavor profile. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a creamy latte, they consistently deliver good quality.

The specialty drinks are where Thump truly shines. The Madagascar Vanilla Latte stood out for me, offering the perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and generous Madagascar vanilla syrup. It created a luscious and aromatic beverage that was both comforting and indulgent.

For those seeking a bit of spice and chocolatey goodness, the Mayan Mocha is a must-try. It’s a flavor explosion that tantalizes your taste buds in the best way possible.

The atmosphere of the store is well-spaced and well-decorated, with a cozy loft featuring sofas. It’s architecturally pleasing and invites relaxation, making it an ideal spot to catch up with friends or get some work done.

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The staff and owners are friendly and create a welcoming environment. Their positive and enjoyable attitude adds to the overall experience.

The food options are also worth mentioning, with the breakfast bagel being a popular choice. It strikes the right balance of crunchiness and softness, complemented by a perfect combo of ham and egg.

Thump Coffee Downtown has a busy yet fun and intimate atmosphere, making it my go-to happy place. The hot chai and mocha are delicious without being overly hot, and the music and lighting contribute to a relaxing ambiance.

In summary, Thump is a gem of a coffee shop. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic brew or a unique flavor experience, this coffee shop is sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings with style and quality. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Medford. I would certainly revisit to enjoy their fantastic offerings and warm ambiance. Keep up the good work, Thump!

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