World Traveler Coffee Roasters Reviews And Opinions

Discover the unique flavors and vibrant atmosphere of World Traveler Coffee Sacramento, located at 1111 24th St St.103, Sacramento, CA 95816. This gem of a coffee shop is renowned not only for its exceptional quality brews but also for its role in the fabric of the Sacramento coffee scene. The shop’s contact number is +1 916-212-3177, and it welcomes patrons from 7 AM to 6 PM daily, making it a staple for those seeking a quality coffee experience any day of the week.

As you step through the doors of World Traveler Coffee Sacramento, you’re immediately enveloped in the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and the comforting buzz of conversation. The ambiance strikes the perfect balance between cozy and cosmopolitan, making it just the place for a casual meet-up, a solitary retreat, or a productive work session.

The coffee shop maintains a 4.5 out of 5 average rating, a reflection of its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Patrons have lauded the establishment for its comprehensive selection of coffee blends, which cater to a broad spectrum of tastes, from the intense and full-bodied dark roasts to the smooth and fragrant light roasts. The menu further boasts a variety of specialty drinks, ensuring every visitor discovers a flavor to call their favorite.

In addition to its exceptional coffee, World Traveler Coffee Sacramento offers an enticing selection of pastries and snacks. Whether you’re in the mood for a buttery croissant or a rich, indulgent muffin, the shop has you covered, with treats that perfectly complement your chosen brew.

Nestled in the heart of Sacramento, the shop’s prime location makes it an accessible haven for both local aficionados and tourists on a quest to explore the city’s coffee culture. It’s the ideal spot for an energizing start to your day or a mid-afternoon caffeine infusion, positioning World Traveler Coffee Sacramento as a cornerstone for coffee lovers from all walks of life.

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With its inviting atmosphere, premium beverages, and strategic location, World Traveler Coffee Sacramento has rightfully earned its reputation as a cherished destination for coffee connoisseurs in the Sacramento area.

World Traveler Coffee Roasters
CALL: +1 916-212-3177

Address: 1111 24th St St.103, Sacramento, CA 95816

Opening Hours of World Traveler Coffee Roasters



World Traveler Coffee Roasters Reviews and Opinions

I visited World Traveler Coffee Sacramento, a modern coffee shop with a 4.5 out of 5 average rating. The place was buzzing with activity, yet my group’s orders were promptly served. The interior boasted a contemporary design, with a commitment to locally-sourced ingredients. As someone who prefers decaffeinated options, I was impressed by the full-bodied taste of their decaf brews. Still, I did hope for a broader range of teas on the menu.

The breakfast sandwich with bacon was flavorful, although I desired a bit more seasoning, and the honey lavender latte was a delightful surprise. Their cold brew stood out for its potent yet smooth character, and the array of pies was a triumph for anyone with a penchant for sweetness. Seating may have been limited, and street parking was the only option, but these factors did little to diminish the overall experience.

The presentation of both food and beverages was impressive, and the service was commendable. Even when the coffee hinted at a slightly over-roasted taste, it managed not to cross into the territory of being burnt. The study-friendly environment, replete with comfortable seating and generous windows for natural light, made it an inviting place for productivity and relaxation.

The new mid-town location of World Traveler Coffee Sacramento was bright and welcoming, with ample street parking available. The oatmeal, though modest in portion size, was a highlight thanks to its delightful combination of raisins, blueberries, and honey. This bustling spot was clearly a favorite, consistently attracting a crowd for both takeout and dine-in.

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Overall, World Traveler Coffee Sacramento provides quick and exceptional service, savory drinks, and visually appealing food. The contemporary decor and commitment to local sourcing are significant draws, even with room for improvement in taste variety and menu diversity. It comes highly recommended for a swift bite or a focused study session.

Exploring Coffee Excellence at World Traveler Coffee Sacramento

When it comes to delving deeper into the coffee culture of Sacramento, World Traveler Coffee Sacramento stands out as a pioneer. Here’s what makes it a must-visit for both residents and travelers:

  • Commitment to quality: With a consistently high rating, it’s clear that this coffee shop prioritizes the caliber of its offerings.
  • Local charm: Embracing its Sacramento roots, the coffee roaster has become a local favorite and a reflection of the city’s vibrant coffee community.
  • Diverse menu: A wide range of coffee selections and tasty bites ensures that there is something to satisfy every taste.

Whether you’re a discerning coffee enthusiast or just looking for a comfortable spot to unwind, World Traveler Coffee Sacramento is the perfect location to enjoy a superb cup of coffee and experience the warmth of Sacramento’s hospitality.

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