Dunkin’ Reviews And Opinions

Dunkin’ is a well-established coffee shop located at 7410 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN 46323. The business has gained a favorable reputation for its delicious coffee and delectable treats, becoming a popular choice for locals and visitors alike. With a convenient 24-hour operation throughout the week, Dunkin’ ensures that customers can satisfy their cravings at any time.

The coffee shop offers an extensive menu of beverages, including a variety of hot and iced coffees, lattes, and cappuccinos. In addition to its wide selection of beverages, Dunkin’ also provides an array of freshly baked goods and breakfast options, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

One of the standout features of Dunkin’ is its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The efficient and friendly staff members are known for their attentive service, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for patrons. This dedication to customer care has contributed to the establishment’s positive reputation in the community.

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5, Dunkin’ has garnered consistent praise for its flavorful coffee, tasty snacks, and overall dining experience. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the products and the convenience of the location, making it a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers in the area.

Conveniently located at 7410 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN 46323, Dunkin’ is easily accessible, further enhancing its appeal to the local community. Whether customers are looking for a quick caffeine fix on the go or a relaxing place to enjoy a leisurely beverage, Dunkin’ caters to various preferences and needs.

For those interested in experiencing Dunkin’s offerings or seeking more information, the coffee shop can be contacted at +1 219-803-6461. With its enticing menu, commendable service, and convenient hours of operation, Dunkin’ continues to be a cherished destination for coffee aficionados and individuals seeking a delightful culinary experience.

CALL: +1 219-803-6461

Address: 7410 Kennedy Ave, Hammond, IN 46323

Opening Hours of Dunkin’

Monday:Open 24 hours
Tuesday:Open 24 hours
Wednesday:Open 24 hours
Thursday:Open 24 hours
Friday:Open 24 hours
Saturday:Open 24 hours
Sunday:Open 24 hours


Dunkin’ Reviews and Opinions

I’ve analyzed visitor reviews of Dunkin’ coffee shop, and the overall sentiment seems to be a mix of positive and negative experiences. The reviews express varying opinions about the service, food, and drinks offered at the establishment.

Quick service, drinks and food made right MOST of the time. This represents a positive aspect of the coffee shop which is appreciated by the customers. It seems that they are generally satisfied with the quality and preparation of their orders.

However, it’s evident that there are concerns raised about the behavior of certain employees. One customer mentioned feeling unable to enjoy their visit due to a loud and annoying employee, leading to them leaving with a migraine. This negative encounter can significantly impact the overall experience of the customers.

Another positive aspect highlighted in the reviews is the enjoyable customer service provided by specific staff members. Their welcoming attitude and ability to make customers feel valued have left a positive impression on the visitors.

On the other hand, there are complaints about the quality of the donuts, with one customer expressing disappointment over receiving hard and non-fresh donuts. This might affect the reputation of the coffee shop as a place for quality snacks.

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Additionally, some customers have criticized the prices, and the fast-paced speaking style of the drive-thru employee. These factors seem to have contributed to a less-than-ideal experience for those customers.

Overall, while there are positive comments about the friendly staff, good coffee, and quick service, the negative feedback about certain employees’ behavior, food quality, and pricing aspects should be taken into consideration for further improvement and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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