Kona Coffee Purveyors | B Patisserie Reviews And Opinions

Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie is a charming coffee shop nestled in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii, at Kuhio Avenue Mall Entrance – International Marketplace. With its prime location at 2330 Kalākaua Ave #160, this establishment offers locals and tourists alike a delightful culinary experience. The contact number for inquiries and reservations is +1 808-450-2364. The coffee shop’s operating hours cater to early risers and late afternoon coffee enthusiasts, from 7 AM to 4 PM daily.

Upon stepping into Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie, customers are greeted by a cozy and inviting ambiance. The interior features modern decor with a hint of rustic charm, providing a serene setting for patrons to relax and enjoy their coffee. The welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for catching up with friends, holding casual meetings, or simply unwinding alone with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

This establishment is renowned for its exceptional coffee selection, boasting a wide array of premium blends sourced from around the world. Whether patrons prefer a bold espresso, a creamy latte, or a classic drip coffee, Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie has something to satiate every coffee aficionado’s palate. The skilled baristas take pride in crafting each cup with precision and care, ensuring that every sip delivers pure satisfaction.

In addition to its impressive coffee offerings, Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie also delights customers with a delectable assortment of pastries and baked goods. From flaky croissants to decadent tarts, the bakery’s lineup showcases an enticing fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors, promising a delightful accompaniment to any coffee selection.

With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, this coffee shop has garnered praise for its impeccable service, cozy atmosphere, and superb coffee and pastry offerings. Whether visitors seek a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely indulgence, Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie stands as a must-visit destination for coffee enthusiasts in Honolulu.

Kona Coffee Purveyors | B Patisserie
CALL: +1 808-450-2364

Address: Kuhio Avenue Mall Entrance – International Marketplace, 2330 Kalākaua Ave #160, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States

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Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie Reviews and Opinions

I visited Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie and was blown away by the overall experience. The atmosphere is bustling, and the reviews were right – both drinks and pastries are top-notch. Despite the long morning lines, the wait is absolutely worth it.

The pastry selection is exceptional, with unique Hawaiian flavors and impeccable hand-crafted quality. I especially loved the black sesame kouign amann – it had a crispy outer layer and a delightful, not-too-sweet sesame flavor. The attention to detail in presenting the pastries adds to the overall charm of the place.

The 100% Hawaiian coffee from the Kona region is undeniably high-quality, but it seems to be more of a novelty or tourist attraction rather than the star of the show. The baristas are incredibly helpful and friendly, offering a taste of the coffee before purchase. The merchandise is limited but includes essential coffee preparation tools and quaint mugs.

The business card included in the packaging adds a nice touch of class. Although there might be a bit of a wait, the reliably excellent coffee and the outstanding pastries make it worthwhile. Personally, I found that pairing a honey latte with a kouign amann or one of their savory pastries was a winning combination.

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The pastries stole the limelight for me, but opinions on the coffee seem to vary. Some visitors consider it the best on the island, while others don’t feel the hype. Despite the differing views, the overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the exceptional quality of the pastries and the charming atmosphere.

Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie definitely deserves nothing less than 5 stars. The unique pastry selection, the Hawaiian flair, and the overall experience make it stand out as one of the top bakeries in America. If you’re an early bird, arriving before opening time can help beat the long lines and make the visit even more enjoyable.

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