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Starbucks, a well-known coffee shop chain, is situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Gardens in Havana, at 1402 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012, United States. Customers can reach out to the shop by dialing +1 303-671-0153. The store is open to patrons from 4:30 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday, opening at 5:30 AM on Sundays and 5 AM on Saturdays.

The coffee shop, with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5, offers a cozy and inviting ambiance for its guests. Upon entering the establishment, customers are greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans and the sound of steaming milk. The shop provides a comfortable seating area, ideal for both individuals looking to unwind and groups engaging in lively conversations.

Starbucks is renowned for its wide range of beverages, including numerous coffee blends, teas, and refreshing cold drinks. In addition to their extensive drink selection, they also offer a variety of pastries and light snacks to complement their beverages.

The staff at Starbucks is known for providing friendly and efficient service to each guest. They are trained to craft each drink with precision and care, ensuring that every cup meets the high standards expected from the brand.

Located in a bustling area, the coffee shop enjoys a steady flow of foot traffic throughout the day. The convenient location makes it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, seeking a quick caffeine fix or a place to sit back and relax.

Overall, Starbucks in Gardens in Havana, with its favorable location and a diverse menu of beverages and snacks, continues to be a go-to destination for those seeking a satisfying coffee experience in a warm and welcoming environment.

CALL: +1 303-671-0153

Address: Gardens in Havana, 1402 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80012, United States

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Starbucks Reviews and Opinions

On the whole, the sentiment toward this Starbucks location seems to be quite mixed. The first review expresses frustration and disappointment with the staff’s attitude and the excessive amount of caramel in the Frappuccino. The customer feels that the staff’s behavior is unnecessary and unacceptable, especially considering the prices of the drinks. This negative experience has left a sour taste and made their morning terrible. It’s clear that the customer is incredibly dissatisfied with the service and quality of their drink.

In contrast, the second review portrays a very positive experience, with the customer finding a new Starbucks for working during the week. They praise the staff for being super friendly and efficient. However, they express frustration at the inability to tip through the app and believe that the hardworking employees deserve to receive tips through the digital platform. This highlights a positive customer experience but also suggests room for improvement in terms of the tipping process.

The third review reflects a long-standing positive relationship with the store, mentioning the presence of consistently good staff members and describing the location as a great place to unwind or wind up. This showcases a loyal and long-term customer who appreciates the positive atmosphere and familiar faces at the store.

Lastly, the fourth review depicts a negative encounter where the staff seemed rude and unresponsive, failing to greet or acknowledge the customers. This led to a disappointing experience that prompted the reviewer to vow not to return to this particular location due to the unpleasant treatment. The review emphasizes the importance of courteous and welcoming service in shaping customer satisfaction.

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The sentiment analysis shows a varied range of experiences at this Starbucks location, encompassing both positive and negative encounters. While some customers have enjoyed friendly and accommodating service, others have been left feeling dissatisfied and disrespected by the staff. These diverse experiences underscore the significance of consistent and courteous customer service in shaping the overall sentiment and success of the coffee shop.

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